psi-ball , sigil and talisman

We will examine to two techniques: charging a psi-ball with intent , we will use a sigil for that and charging a talisman with  psi-ball energy.

Working with Sigil

Sigils are symbols of your intent they are means to directly communicate with your subconscious , the subconscious works better with symbols.
You can make a pictorial sigil by writing your intent for instance ‘Attract Free Lunches Everyday , remove all the repeating letters with the rest form a symbolic drawing.

Some people recommend to write your intent statement starting with ‘My Will To-

My Will To Have Free Lunch Everyday.

You can also use a foreign language as long as you know what you want without being nebulous.

You can use different colors to design your sigil. Because we have a psi-ball
Your statement should be something like:


Example: My Will To Have Charlie-psi to Attract Delicious Free Lunch Everyday For ME.

Put your sigil in a place where you will see it everyday , your subconscious will be always aware of the meaning of your sigil even your conscious mind doesnt pay much attention to it like you dont pay attention to the various spots on the wall of your place.

Now, your psi-ball has become a little servitor that will do what you want.

Working with Talisman

A talisman is an object that has been charged by appropriate means to achieve a specific purpose. In a sense they are like sigils. A lot of talismans sold over the web are pendants with magical, esoteric symbols.
According to author magician Donald Michael Kraig it is best to design your own talisman it doesn’#8217;t matter if it doesnt look professional, doing it yourself, at least accomplish the purpose to already fill the talisman with your intent.
Designing your talisman also allow you to use your very personal symbols , you can know them by studying your dreams or just asking in a relaxed states to receive the most appropriate symbols to put on your talisman.

Once you have a talisman whether prefab or self-made , create a psi-ball then Will your Psi-ball to energize your talisman. Obviously a talisman can be charged with the sigil technique mentioned above.