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Pranic Healing in a Nutshell

First you have to absorb tremendous amounts of surplus KI energy. One way is to use the Aura Meld. The other way is to charge up your chakras with the methods you already read from the book.
There is yet another way. Through Pranayama (or Pranic Breathing)
After pranic breathing is accomplished, you simply have to project
your energy to the afflicted part.

Pranic Breathing steps:
1) Sit down or stand up. Calm yourself and close your eyes.
2) Breathe in VERY slowly, into you belly (NOT YOUR CHEST). This
means that your belly starts protruding. Allow your breath to course
in for SIX slow counts.
3) Hold your breath for three counts.
4) Exhale slowly, using your stomach muscles to expel the air. The
stomach should sink in. DO this for SIX slow counts.
5) Hold your breath (with your lungs empty) for 3 counts.
6) Repeat the cycle 100 times.

This type of breathing with that specific rhythm causes the
absorption of KI through the entire aura and all chakras, for some
reason. The yogis have been doing this for ages. Clairvoyants (those
who can see invisible energies) will be able to witness tremendous
gushes of energy around people who breathe in this manner.

The aura will extend for about 10 to 15 feet around you after the
hundredth breathe. Furthermore, you may feel giddy and hyperventilated.

Your immune system will boost and so will your personal appeal to
people because you will radiate energy. Notice how some people seem to drain you just by their presence? They have auras lacking energy so they drain other people. You are the contrast. You will exude ki energy that will envelope other people.

It's great for charisma. But Charisma isn't the end goal. Healing is.

The Actual HEALING:

1) In your CHARGED state, reach out your palms and activate the palm
chakras. Tear them open. Once they are throbbing, you know you are
2) Put your hand over the afflicted part (two inches above). Now start
making dusting ,motions, as though you are cleansing and sweeping
away dirt from the damaged organ. As you make these motions, feel
that you are psychically removing the debris and clogged energy that
is causing the hurt. See the hurts as murky energy and filthy debris.
With each sweeping motion, the debris lightens and clears up.
3) Soon, the damaged organ will be pure. (It takes 5 minutes of
4) Now is the fun part: ENERGIZING!
5) Hold your palms 5 inches away, both facing the damaged organ. Open
the chakras and send out streams of energy. See and feel the energy
cleansing and energizing the affected part. You must see the damaged
organ lighting up and clearing.
6) The energy will eventually cease, indicating that charging can no
longer continue. You must do some sweeping again over the part to
smooth out the patient's AURA and ensure that the energy stays there.
7) See a bandage of blue light sealing in the energy. No leaks must
occur during healing.

The colors of healing energy to use are as follows:
White: for general cleansing and revitalizing. All purpose
Green: for healing of general organs and minor disinfecting
Blue: To break through blockages and muscle knots and create calming
effects on stressed organs. Also a tranquilizer If you charge
someone's arms with blue energy, the arm will grow very limp and may
not even function.
Red: To increase vitality, virility and vigor. Great to charge up
depressed and physically stressed people.
Silver: For the knitting of broken bones, slipped disks and
enhancement of the third eye
Orange: Very potent anti bacterial and anti virus color. If someone
is infected with bacteria, this is the color to use. Here's an
experiment. Get a microscope and look at strains of bacteria. Now,
flood the sample with orange KI light. Within minutes they will DIE.
Do not overcharge with orange. It can lead to madness
Yellow: For increasing concentration and intelligence

In the second part of this report, Self-Healing using Pranic Systems

Joseph Rinoza Plazo author of Ph.D of Persuasion and Psychic Seduction V -- http://www.xtrememind.com

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