Practical Manifesting Skills – A Simple 30 Day Manifesting Challenge

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Here’s a very simple manifesting program for you to play with. The challenge runs for 30 days and all you have to do is a couple of very simple drills on a daily basis. It’s an excellent introduction to manifesting, very easy to do and very handy as a foundation to add more advanced techniques to.

This system alone has made many fortunes for lots of people in the last 92 years since it was written.

The techniques are based on a neat little book I like called ‘It Works’.
This is a very basic, very easy to use system which is why I like it.

Why a 30 day challenge? 30 days is also a nice period of time to get used
to a new technique or practice and gives you enough of a time window
that you’ll notice enough things turning up to convince you ‘it works!’.

Here’s the basic program:

1) Write down a big sketch list with lots of things/experiences you’d like. Keep each entry short and general, speed is more important than
detail here.

You might end up with hundreds of things, small to large covering literally anything that comes to mind from castles in
the topics to simply finding nice a new place to eat lunch – anything whatsoever, just keep each entry short, for example ‘castle in the
Spanish alps’ or ‘amazing dive holiday in Egypt’ is fine.

2) Now got through your ideas list and make a new top ten list of things you’d like to show up first, drawn from this master list. I like to have a
mix of things in there, some big, some small with a rough balance in the different areas of life.

3) Now for each of these ideas, start to get more specific by writing out say 6-10 details about each item in a couple of sentences for each.

So if my original idea was ‘castle in Spanish alps’ my more serious project might be ’10 room,
moorish-style recently refurbished mediaeval castle/fort in it’s own grounds, with internal fountain courtyards, stable, 3 car garage, grand
dining hall, master suite with views over valley, near town with good airport, able to get at bargain price for the best of all concerned’.

4) Now just rewrite you top ten out each morning and re-read it 3 times a day when you have a few minutes.

As you read each entry, get into the feeling of what it’s like having this. How does it make you feel? How good do you feel with this thing
around? Get excited about it. If it doesn’t excite you in some way, why’s it on the list? I know of one lady who used to do it as she
bounced up and down on a mini-trampoline!

So what core concepts is this using?

First – step one it gets you thinking about the big picture… in a relaxed spontaneous kind of way so you’ll come up with some cool ideas,
probably more as you go.

Second – it makes you more specific, prioritise which stuff is most important to you to do next, whilst
maintaining a list of ideas for future projects that grows as you add to it.

Third – it sets you up with a range of project/items, some of which will probably arrive sooner than others, giving you momentum
too. You’ll find some things just show up without doing anything else.

Fourth – by writing it out afresh it lets you fine tune the details as you go, adding or tweaking so it’s a better fit. I just did this drill afresh
and found several of my ideas needed knocked around a bit before I was happy with them, which is fine.

Fifth- by re-reading it throughout the day you keep your mind on the projects, triggering two mechanisms – the law of attraction (magnetic attraction of you and said
project) and you’re own subconscious environmental information filter, so you notice things that can be helpful too.

Sixth – by reading it through while you think about how nice it feels to have the goal, you add more juice to your intent.

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