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Pink Light Effect by Joe Tolve


By Joe Tolve
If any of the following questions are currently answered with a
no, you owe it to yourself and anyone in your life to read the
free and simple message below.

1. Is your life fulfilling for you and all of your family/friends?
2. Do you have a satisfactory relationship with all of them?
3. Do all of them act the way you desire?
4. Are your children always behaving honorably?
5. Have you or your children fully recovered from emotional
or physical abuse?
6. Are you the most loving you can be?
7. Are you free of all addictive habits?
My list of do’s could extend for pages, but this gives you
some idea of things that will be changed after you start using
this free enclosed love enhancement technique.
I love Everyone and only desire world harmony, peace, and
never-ending love for us all! Keep reading and you will soon
learn how realistic this goal is going to be for everyone who
practices this life-altering technique.
I was working as a darkroom tech developing x-rays at
Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut when providence led me
to a new understanding of love.
While my physical body did the manual work of developing
x-rays, it was necessary for me to keep my mind occupied.
I achieved this by constantly listening to either TV and or
Talking Books.
One day while listening to “Out On A Limb,” the author,
Shirley McClain, was describing the different properties of
crystals. She told us that rose crystal gave feelings of love.
At that point I stopped the Talking Book and thought to myself,
“If a rock could give feelings of love, we humans should be
much better at it.”
That realization totally transformed my boring, lonely, and
unsatisfactory life into one in which I am thrilled to be living.
That very afternoon was dreadfully busy and to top it off I
was asked to duplicate a 400 x-ray case for a lawyer who was
coming back for them in two hours.
Well after working an hour as fast as I could, I painfully
realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere. Not even one of those
duplicates had been made. I did the unheard-of-thing and
stepped out of the darkroom to ask for help.
My boss scolded me and said, “Now stop this nonsense and
wasting time out here. Get in there, and do it.”
I heard at least six technicians sitting outside the darkroom
chatting, while waiting for me to develop their x-ray cases.
Normally, I would have gone back into the darkroom and began
cursing her and the other techs, none of whom had offered to
help. However, this time after closing the door (quietly) behind
me, I turned towards it, raised my palms and imagined pink light
exiting my forehead, heart and hands. I focused this loving
light on them, visualizing pink light encircling each in turn. I
kept each of them in the light for about thirty seconds. While
they were in my loving light, I felt a tightening in my stomach,
as if I were being loved in return. I now realize that all of us
have a Universal Spirit in them. This force is universal and can
be called just about anything you desire. You might choose to
call It/Him/Her, God/Goddess, Universal Spirit/Energy,
Universal Mind, Infinite Being, Tao, Eck, Yahweh, and/or Allah.
This Omnipresent Energy Force is in us uniformly, whether or
not we recognize Its presence. This Spirit in us is returning
love as we hold love’s pink loving light on other people.
Imagine love’s energy moving from you to them, then back to
the source of love within you. I say, “Source,” because even
if you or the person you are projecting love energy to are less
than perfect, we can love that pure Godself in us all.

In short, that’s the mystery of love expansion: “We can love
the perfection of the Immortal Spirit even in enemies!”

I can’t impress on you enough how important it is to feel the love
energy from our Universal Creator being returned to you a
hundred times over.

That huge case from the lawyer got done an hour later than
I would have liked, but I did it with peace and unforgettable
inner feelings of love running through me.

I was feeling special that very first day. My Seeing Eye dog,
Erin, and I left the hospital with a special fortified lift to our
step that is as present today as it was some 15 years ago.

I personally liked the feelings I received while projecting pink
light, love’s energy to others, and continued doing it daily. I
use it 15 to 20 times a day, but for only 30 seconds or so each
I always notice enormous waves of love returning and
penetrating every cell and fiber of my body.

Almost immediately my always friendly dog became
exceptionally affectionate, and less than two months later I was
surprised to find myself living a more harmonic life.
I was being invited out for lunch and dinner.
The transformed x-ray techs and doctors were asking me out of the darkroom when
we had quiet moments. I was brought coffee when too busy to
get away on break. People in the file room were making those
duplicates whenever my darkroom work was too demanding.
My boss, instead of giving me the minimum, gave me a
maximum pay raise only weeks later. Total strangers were
coming up to me while I waited for trains and/or buses, and
they discussed very private affairs. I was playing piano in a
steak house and my tips went from an average of twenty to
over two-hundred dollars a night, and all I was doing was
filling the room with love’s unselfish energy, (pink Light.)
I still lived alone and often felt lonesome. I did have more
visitors, friends who invited me out, and received calls daily, etc.,
but I was still very much on my own. So, one day I decided to
do something about it and started projecting pink light into the
sky while saying something like, “The right woman is coming
into my life.”
Less than a month later, that perfect woman came into my life
and we’ve been delightfully happy ever since.

This method will work for you as it did for me, “Try it, you’ll
like it!”

Though, like achieving everything worthwhile, this technique
does take work.

For awesome emotional attachments, ten to fifteen minutes daily exercise is a very small price to pay!
Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy the feelings being returned to you
while projecting this pink light or more appropriate, Love
Energy Force.
“Heck, you’ll probably want to pay me for
those gratifying sensations!” lol
Really push that pink light out of yourself and feel an even more powerful love being
returned to you.

Distance is no barrier to this energy and its awesome powerful
Once you have experienced the powers of unselfish
love, you will not want to ever stop using it! In case you
do, you will almost immediately notice yourself feeling less
emotionally attached, and the behavior of others will reflect it.

Warnings: I do have two warnings and would be amiss if I
failed to give them to you:

1. This technique is so powerful that it will transform you and
the way others feel about you. You will be radiating love and
become a powerful magnet creating and drawing more and more
powerful love to yourself.
However, you have to be sure not to over use it, it can turn you into a fanatic if used for too long of
a period of time. In fact, for that very reason I restrict it to only
ten or fifteen minutes daily.

There was a time when I was having a crisis and used it
continuously for two days. To be frank and forthright with
you, my wife had to have me hospitalized because I felt a
burning passion to love the Infinite Spirit within me and in all
of existence. I had to praise this spirit every moment that I was
awake. I couldn’t stop this behavior until I restricted the time
back to ten/fifteen minutes usage. I felt a vital part of this
universe and had to adore this perfect Universal Entity every
moment I was awake. I loved myself as never before and had
become everything, thus perfect altruistic love prevailed. For
weeks afterwards I didn’t want to even brush my teeth because
I would be harming oral bacteria!

2. This technique will make you into a loving person and
everyone you meet will be attracted to you.
You will also fall in love more easily, and that’s what I’ve got to warn you about
If you are married, it could lead to your being unfaithful to your spouse.
Although if you are using this method adequately on him/her, you will strengthen any lost
emotions, and love them as you did during your honeymoon.

Divide those ten or fifteen minutes into many bits throuout
the day. It stands to reason then, because you are more often
focusing on love, that it will be expanding.
If you are a more loving person, it makes sense that your family and friends will
feel greater love for you.
If single, you could be led to over use it, really abusing this gift and its astounding powers. Do not exploit this power, only practice it for a limited period of time.

Be on watch for arousal of your or other’s undesired passions.

Stop or decrease if you find that things are changing too
quickly and too radically.

“Love should be used, not abused.”

Abundant Pink Light and Love,

I love and want to help you,
if you have questions,
need further assistance,
want additional instruction,
call me at home,

For gifts and/or comments send to,

Joe Tolve
P.O. Box
4506, Stamford CT 06907
Eternal Peace and Love,
Joe Tolve


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