Physical Counter-Intention

planetsPhoto Credit:sezzles

Imagine that your intention is : I allow myself to lose 13 pounds

and then in your reality you continue to buy clothes for your current weight. It is exactly a physical counter-intention. Something you do that contradict your intention and therefore nullify your intention.

When you set your intention pay attention and focus on being that person who has this intention/this reality. If your intention is to lose weight then consider giving some of your clothes and start looking in the shop for the new clothes that you are going to wear.

Creating a new reality is the same as creating a new identity therefore you can go there by staying here. That is why acting-as the new reality is more powerful than simple visualization while visualization is useful as it can inspire you to adopt certain behaviors of your new identity.
It is acting-as the new reality that transform you into the NEW YOU, the new identity.

Write the characteristics of your current identity and then write the characteristic of your new identity or the you that you are in your preferred reality.
You will see that there are differences. The new identity is acting and being different. This is these parts that you have to model. It will create the energy field of the new identity and the new reality will manifest.

If you were just right now in your preferred reality , how would you feel ?
What will be your beliefs ?
What will be your views of the world?
What will you be doing ?
Where will you be ?
Answer these questions they will help you to have a feeling for the new identity then act-as the new identity as best as you can. If you some conflicts arise because you are attached to beliefs of the old identity it is the perfect time to release them (EFT, SEDONA …)

Maybe, your new identity is not afraid of failure and see failure merely as learning experience for betterment but maybe the old identity is scared to death to fail. Then as you act-as the new identity you will feel that conflict “pause” and release the belief in the fear of failure.

It can have many aspects and layers and it may takes more than one session/day. But at least, you are moving rapidly toward your preferred reality.