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PhotoReading :

Reading 25,000 words per minute

Sound amazing the ability to read 25,000 words per minute , isn't it ? Paul Scheele an expert in NLP, accelerated learning, adult learning, psychology and kinesiology developed this ingenious system called PhotoReading. The idea behind this system is that our subconscious can learn faster than our conscious thinking process can. A research in Japan demonstrated this principle; the learning was faster when the material to study was directly passed to the subconscious.

How the PhotoReading system works? The first thing, you need to succeed with this system is to believe that you can achieve it. Your beliefs are important, if you have a self defeating attitude the system is not going to work. The method is divided in 5 parts. The first part is preparation where you write your purpose for reading. You must have a clear intention. When you are ready you must enter into the ideal state of mind, in fact you must enter in the alpha state, you can achieve alpha by counting from 100 to 1, eyes closed, or you can use brainwave entrainment music. This is not complicated any relaxation technique will do fine. Step 2, is to preview the material but not enter into an actual reading of it, just look for keywords, key titles and so on.

Step 3 is the PhotRead phase a method is given to you to keep your attention on the material and rapidly blip pages, this part should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Step 4 is the activation, you should wait a few minutes, hours or overnight for a good activation, that's the incubation period when the studied material sinking inside yourself. When you are ready for the activation you have to ask yourself questions about the material and rapidly move your eyes on the pages of the book you photoread to trigger the answer to those questions, normally, large block of texts will flash in your mind, you will have memories and you will know the answers of what you are looking for. The last part called Rapid Read is for you to help to memorize the relevant part of the material, find themes, summarize and so on. The PhotoReading system has a learning curve, a few sessions is necessary, if you have difficulty to enter the alpha state or if you don't believe you can make it, you have to address these issues first.


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