Pet Psychics – Talk To Your Pet Telepathically

Telepathy is communication without words and works really well with our animal friends. Our beloved pets are telepathic and send us messages in the form of pictures and feelings.

The best way to find out what is on your pets mind is to sit very quietly and listen to what they have to say. It can be confusing at first because you may believe it is your imagination at work. With a little practice you will soon be able to differentiate between the chatter that goes on in your mind and your pets actual message to you. If you take note of their facial expressions you will be able to see how they are reacting to the question you may be asking them. They may respond by wagging their tail or barking.

This ability would be so useful in helping abused animals because it is not always clear what the abuse was only the affect it has had on the animal.

I have a young Maltese dog (Chino) that came to me when he was one year old. A lady needed to find a home for him as she had a sick mother who did not like dogs. There was no mention of him having any problems but when I brought him home he began to display aggression with my poor neighbor. He is a delight in the home and is only fearful of strangers. When I try to communicate with him I see a small crate and a frightened puppy alone in the dark. It turns out his former owner worked long hours and crated him so he would not damage her home. When he first showed me this image my heart nearly broke in two. I now understand the impact it had on him so I try very hard to make him feel safe and protected.

If we all learned to talk to our pets in their own language we would see they are intelligent beings with minds of their own. Think how much we could learn from them, as their perspective of the world is very different to ours.

Next time your cat stares deep into your eyes you should know they are probably trying to tell you something. I have a cat that does this (Lulu) and will not let me leave her side until she has finished her conversation. It is interesting how our pets’ personalities can range from bossy to extremely passive very much like humans. It is no wonder this cat is nicknamed the Queen of the house because she holds court when she is talking to you and if you are not listening she shows her disapproval by giving you a not so gentle nudge with her paw.

I have three cat friends and two small dogs so you can imagine the chatter going on in my house. Most get on with each other except for the Queen who refuses to befriend the Maltese dog. I never thought that animals swore but when our resident Queen has an altercation with this dog she mutters all sorts of naughty things under her breath. It is never dull in my animal household.

If you want to start a conversation with your pet find a very quiet space in the house and sit down. It helps if you know how to meditate as through this you learn how to quiet your mind.

Have your pet sit in front of you and ask them a simple question. At first you may find your mind answers it but in time if you keep at it you will be able to tell when it is your pet that is talking.

You could ask them if they like your cat? You may then see a picture of the cat in your mind and experience feelings about it. The pets you are communicating with are putting those emotions there as a way of showing you what they think about your question.

Try not to overdue it because like humans animals enjoy their independence and space.

We spend so much time teaching our dogs to sit stay and fetch but never consider the possibility of communicating with them on a one to one level. Many pet psychics have taught their dogs to do things telepathically instead of the traditional way. This would sure save a lot of time in tedious training.

You may want to work at being a pet psychic or just enjoy chatting to your own cat or dog. People who have developed this ability have been able to help so many pets that were suffering physical and psychological problems which a vet and animal behaviorist were not always able to understand. It is a wonderful concept to be able to talk with your pet and most people are able to do it. It just takes a little practice.

Linda E. Cole – About the Author:
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