Pet psychic

Have you noticed that your pet seems to know more thing about you than you normally except. Some dogs , already know in advance when their masters is back home . They usually become more activate a few minutes before their master arrive at home . Sometime, they go  to wait at the door or near a window.

You may also have heard of animals that feel a disaster before it starts such as earthquake, volcano irruption and other calamities . Just like human animals have psychic abilities .

What is more interesting is that you can learn to communicate more effectively with your pet using telepathy . This is not easy but it can be taught , It’s not easy because , we tend to use symbol such as words , phrases that our pet doesn’t understand. It is better to start transmitting images or short scenes charged with emotions. Images and emotions are easier for the pet to understand. If they had matching experiences in their frame of reference they will be able to recognize your message. Avoid transmitting complicated concept such as ,“I’m stressed at my office” because this an experience very remote from the daily experience of your pet. On the other hand, try to communicate things from your experience at home or in the nature. You can also experiment with teaching your pet a few more things.

When your pet is sick, you can transmit images of perfect health combined to a feeling of love to help it to recover faster. In some case, it may work , in some case , it will not work because , you can not cure a being who do not wish to be healed. Each illness serves a hidden purpose. It is true for humans and it is the same for animals .

A specialist in animal communication Sonya Fitzpatrick wrote an entire book about a system . She teaches how to communicate with animal in her book ‘the Pet Psychic: What the Animals Tell’. If you need more guidance , you can give a try to this book. The keywords for successfully communicate with your pet are clear simple image with emotions.

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