performer2400 review

Manufacturer’#8217;s Claim

Would you like to perpetually energize yourself and gain the edge in all sports activity- from a distance?

Performer 2400 is a Heavy Duty Sports Performance Enhancement that
Defies Detection!! Why take steroids and supplements that fry the
liver?? The Performer is legal and fills you with the same chi energy
that gives martial artists their speed, impregnability, and awesome


What is It?

The Performer 2400 is a Top of the Line Heavy Duty Welz Chi
Generator®, specially designed for persons who are active in sports,
body building, and fitness programs.

You enjoy Twelve precise settings to accommodate your requirements.

Imagine competing at the track for shooting hoops while your hidden
helper pumps in vital energy into your cells from miles away? You’#8217;ll be
an antennae of unlimited chi energy. Feel the difference: less fatigue,
more endurance, extreme focus!


In Detail

The Performer 2400 is a Heavy Duty Welz Chi Generator® that is
specifically designed to meet the requirements of persons who are
active in competitive sports, fitness training, and body building. You
can use it to help boost your performance, and, above all, unlike other
performance enhancing methods, it defies detection and it’#8217;s perfectly
legal! There are some folks who call this exceptional tool of power the
ultimate unfair advantage!

The Performer 2400 features a built-in Frequency Module that has
been designed for twelve precision low pulse settings. Each of these
frequencies has a special purpose that is important for your power

1. Very relaxing (\ “Endorphin frequency\ “), strengthens lower back, positive organ-muscle resonances,

2. \ “HGH-frequency\ “, helps develop muscle in general, rejuvenation effects, rapid recovery

3. Reduces exhaustion, additional energy for extra reps.

4. Concentration and Precision, especially for golf, target practice, etc., reduces fear

5. Vitality, focus on: Arms, Shoulders, Upper Back, Chest

6. Vitality, focus on: Abs, Legs, Glutes

7. Grounding, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance; feeling
revitalized like you have spent a day in the country; enhanced learning
and acquiring of routines, mind-body coordination.

8. Coordination, mood elevator, sense of well-being & decreased
pain, especially for hangover & jet lag, improved learning,
centering, increase physical strength, especially for weak muscle

9. Mind/body unity, enhancing and activating supplements

10. Energy, vitality, good to impose subconscious commands on
another (body language that projects confidence of winning, etc.),
therefore good to win competitions, rejuvenation effects, enhances
muscle builders

11. Confidence of victory in sports, increased aggression, “energetic steroid”

12. Desensitizer; enhanced vigor & alertness, more reps, stamina and endurance

With the Exterior Precision Module (EPM 2400) you can upgrade your
Performer 2400. Like other HD devices, it features a second built-in
Chi Generator®. With this setup, you can work with two precision
settings, for instance one for stamina and the other one to make you
immune to negative outside influences

John Rice review

My friend who competes in the ultimate fighting championships suffered
a knee injury last January. Now he can no longer compete during
recuperation. That was my chance! I borrowed this curiosity which he
claims led him to winning a majority of his fights.

It’#8217;s the Performer 2400, one of Karl’#8217;s heavy chi generators.

Similarities with the RAD2400

It’#8217;s somewhat like the RAD2400. Break it open and you’#8217;ll see the
same 555 timer and the orgonite block. What makes it different is a
larger energy core- Karl thinks sportsmen need more energy- and the
configuration of the frequency generator.

While the regular RAD200/ LPOGs have 6 frequency settings, this has
12 settings. Welz claims that specfic settings correlate to specific
health benefits such as HGH, aggression, recovery.

How well does this technology stack up with the regular chi gens?

My Tennis Game

I usually tire 1 hour and 15minutes into an intermittent game of
fast tennis. I figured that the Rapid Recovery setting on the Performer
should eke out a few extra bits from my clanking body.

What happened? My game lasted 1 hour thirty before I started seeing red… so I felt that the marginal benefit is small.

But then, I gained second wind after a bit of rest and some creatine liquid. \

I can’#8217;t honestly say that Rapid Recovery does indeed do rapid recovery to the body.

Tennis Game 2

A few days later, Harry called for a rematch at the Club. Before
leaving, I set the machine on the Confidence in Sports Victory. It’#8217;s
probably a high beta frequency that gets the mood all pumped up.

I drove to the club and already began to feel something. It’#8217;s like I
was buzzing and feeling restless. My legs were twitching and the palms
were all sweaty.

I normally get that sensation after a cup of java too many, but I
didn’#8217;t take any swigs that day.It must be the beta frequency. Unlike
the Rapid Recovery which had almost negligible effect, I was feeling
something. Even before the game!

The Game

I played like a football star on crack. All I can see was the ball
heading to me. It was like dilated vision. And I always hit it back.
Thwack! Very strong fire in me. Thwack! I kept smashing those balls
like they were slow flying oranges. THWACK. I felt in the zone.

Man. And those twitches. Still twitching all over. My legs burnt hot. Oooh yeah!

I won every single set. I wanted play on but Harry threw in the towel, so I drove home still twitching.


I have no idea what the exact frequency for confidence is, but I’#8217;m
betting it is anywhere from 20 to 40 hz. This setting alone can sell a
chi gen because of the tangible changes I felt on using it.

I hope Karl releases a cheap Ju99 with the confidence frequency.
The 7.83Hz and 10Hz settings provide none of the phyiological jolt this
one does.

Worth the Buy?

I already have a RAD2400, so there’#8217;s no way I’#8217;m buying a $1799
performer just for the confidence frequency. Crazy. I think the smart
thing to do for existing owners of RAD2400s/LPOGs is to beg Karl for a
discount on the $700 EPM modules whicht sets precise frequencies from 1
Hz to 9999Hz. This essentially extends the capabilities of existing
machines to the Performer 2400 level.

But if I didn’#8217;t have a RAD2400? I’#8217;d definitely choose the Performer over the RAD2400. The RAD2400 is anemic in comparison.

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