How to perceive thoughts and energies in others

Can we perceive other people thoughts, the answer is definitively yes, I will not call
the ability mind reading because it has nothing to do with reading mind, it is more
like resonating or perceiving , I will go into to this soon.

It has been said that the world is our mirror and that people treat us the way we treat
ourselves, there is a telepathic reality that make this possible, while the Ego
prevent us to be aware of most telepathic information, they are really there in
fact we couldn’t properly function without them, because the Ego ignores
telepathic information they are treated by the subconscious. Our thoughts are
transmitted outward and people treat us based on the thoughts they receive from
us and not based on what we might say to them.

I remember, I was with a friend I was humming a song and my friend stopped me in disbelief
and say how come you are humming the song I m thinking about, It happened more
than once with that one particular friend and not with just songs, one time, he
tried to understand it but since he doesn’t believe in telepathic reality he
couldn’t find an explanation of why I could pick his thoughts, so he simply
denied the experience.

People have
the ability to handle a certain range of telepathic frequencies, talented
subject are the one able to perceive ‘words’ from a sender. Quotes from the
book ESP Power by Jane Roberts about this:

The nature of the thought that is received by B is determined by many factors. We
shall consider few of these. These include the original intensity of the thought as A possesses it; A’s ability to
duplicate the thought as far as possible; the relative stability of the
electrical thought unit as it is formed by A; the familiarity or unfamiliarity
of the range of frequencies that compose thought to any intended receiver.

How can we become better at sensing other people thoughts and energy

First we have to be familiar with our own system, how do you feel when you wake up
what is your thoughts pattern ? what is your thought pattern when you are alone
or isolated in a wood, those are opportunity to get familiar with your thought
pattern when you aren’t around people.

When you are with someone else notes how you felt before you were with that person ,
notes how you feel during and after your interaction, this will give you clues
on your system and other people system, when someone is talking to you , really
listen , I mean do not think about what you are about to answer, just be
totally present in what people are saying to you, you will be able to
understand the person at a deeper level, also you will detect the feelings of
other people in your solar plexus, so pay attention about the variation of your
feelings in your solar plexus, feelings are often contagious.

The more you will able to make the difference between your energy and other people
energies the better you will be at sensing energies in others.