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Pendulum Divination :

One of the easiest way to get answer from your higher-self

Pendulum divination also knows as dowsing and radiesthesia . It is the technique where a person the dowser use a divining rod or pendulum to obtain answers to yes/no questions, if the dowser use a chart then he can get answer to more large range of questions . In the past, this technique was often used to locate underground source water, mineral and lost object. Dowsing is not limited to search, some people use it to diagnosis illness , predict the weather, guess the lottery and horse race or to obtain answers to large range of questions.

To obtain the answer to a yes/no question such as 'Will It rain tomorrow ?' Hold the pendulum still , ask the pendulum what direction represent 'yes' , let it swing then you will know what direction is 'yes' then ask it what direction represent 'no' let it swing do the same for 'may be'. Some people recommend you clear your aura before you proceed or you do some form of banishing .

You can even use the pendulum as an advisor to know what food to eat it is useful if you want to lose weight , think of the food and ask the pendulum if it is ok to eat it or not for your weight loss . There is so much thing you can do with a pendulum , the best thing to do is to design a set of your own charts and experiment with them.

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