Psychic Attack!

Any defense only serves to invites attack – The course in Miracles Many people lament that they are victim of psychic attack by entities. What they are really saying is that they have no control over their own reality. They may have read that ‘You create your reality’ but sadly for them, it is an […]

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Unstoppable manifestation success!

Manifestation demands very vivid, emotionally charged images of the trends or desires. By “images”, it can be a Visual Image, where you see precisely what you want. It can also be a Feeling Image, whereby your gut feels precisely the intent that you nurture.

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Harnessing Your Etheric Energy

It is an unfortunate reality that society has inadvertently categorized the natural abilities associated with bio-etheric energy as a form of entertainment. Classifying skills such as precognitive event recognition alongside amusement attractions such as stage illusion have undermined the acknowledgement of etheric energy itself, impeding the acceptance of a wide spectrum of very natural, very […]

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Astral Projection and the DaVinci Code

Astral Projection is the projection of one’#8217;s consciousness beyond one’#8217;s physical body. What does Astral Projection have to do with the DaVinci code? There are many techniques to produce Astral Projection (AP), many have succeeded and some have failed. There seems to be many people promising the world with techniques, cds and software that deliver […]

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Psychic 101 – The Extraordinary Gift of Pyrokinesis

One of the best or I may say, intriguing psychic talents is Pyrokinesis. Imagine yourself exhibiting the power to create and manipulate fire, and being able to hold it in your bare hands. No, this is not just one of those Hollywood green screen tricks or special effects – this is Pyrokinesis. In the psychic […]

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