pet psychic

Pet psychic

Have you noticed that your pet seems to know more thing about you than you normally except. Some dogs , already know in advance when their masters is back home . They usually become more activate a few minutes before their master arrive at home . Sometime, they go  to wait at the door or […]

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wallet process

Money and the Law of Attraction

We were all born as “Law of Attraction”/ money attracting experts When we were born, we worked within the law of attraction, without even knowing it. We didn’t have the cognitive capacity to know what we needed- but we sent out the energy of our needs to our families who reacted. Therefore, the law of […]

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Remembering Atlantis – The True Story

Myths about Atlantis continue to be created, and I know that in my lifetime, like String Theory, proof of the truth behind the myths will be discovered. Two recent programmes on the BBC claim that the story of Atlantis derives from a huge natural disaster in the Aegean which tore apart the islands of Thera […]

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What Kind of Psychic Are YOU? (This May Change Your Mind)

Are you psychic? If so… HOW so? What type of unique, intuitive abilities do you believe you possess? Do you ever see or feel things before they happen? Or, do you occasionally have experiences that are so amazing and enlightening that you fear sharing them with other people out of fear of being branded nuts? […]

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Datre 198 – Level of existence and inner realms

Datre answers Barrie (Datre199) JOHN: Today we have some questions from Barrie and the first question is; “As best I can understand it, humans have nonphysical personalities who have constructed physical bodies for themselves within which they experience physical reality in order to experience all of the emotions and feelings that go along with that […]

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artificial reincarnation

Artificial reincarnation

Artificial reincarnation is a rather sophisticated accelerated learning method. A subject is put under deep state of hypnosis and receive suggestions  for example that s/he is a great painter, linguist or any other genius in a particular field of expertise. The subject under that state of hypnosis and with the help of the suggestions, will […]

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Physical Counter-Intention

Photo Credit:sezzles Imagine that your intention is : I allow myself to lose 13 pounds and then in your reality you continue to buy clothes for your current weight. It is exactly a physical counter-intention. Something you do that contradict your intention and therefore nullify your intention. When you set your intention pay attention and […]

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Avoid this common mistake about the law of attraction

I took this picture in Hyde Park(London) with the Canon 600D I manifested. Imagine this case: Betty and Sally decide to move to central London. They look over the web for an apartment. What they quickly find out is that price for an apartment is out of range for their revenue. Betty and Sally know […]

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