Out-of-Body Experiences – The First Time

Have you ever woken up and felt paralysed? Or woken
up suddenly to loud noises, bangs, bells, voices? Or felt your body
sizzling and fizzing with energy? If so, you were probably either just
about to leave your body or you had just re-entered. It can be
frightening if you don’t understand what is happening. The paralysis is
due to the fact that it is your mind that is awake, your body is still
sound asleep. You have woken up inside your sleeping body. The noises,
bells, bangs, etc, occur as your consciousness expands, your astral
hearing is more acute and all sorts of sounds can seep in. Noises and
vibrations are also due to the process of leaving your body. The
vibrations can feel like a high-speed train travelling through your
body and is wonderfully exciting, or they can feel like a gentle fizz.,
or they may not even be present. The first time ‘#8217;out’#8217; is unforgettable.

first conscious out-of-body experience (OBE) was very simple but I’#8217;ll
always remember it for the joy it gave me. I use the term ‘#8217;conscious’#8217;
as we all leave our bodies at night, though we are not always aware of
it. I had been studying my dreams for a while, I wanted to learn how to
lucid dream at will and was practising techniques to achieve my goal.
My desire at this time was to expand my inner knowledge, to contact the
part of me that is not physical, a higher source.

One night I
woke up inside my sleeping body, I felt slight vibrations which I would
describe as fizzy. It was a marvellous sensation. I could see a little
light coming through the blinds. As I focused on the window I suddenly
found myself floating near the ceiling. I had read about OBEs so I was
aware of what was happening to me and was not afraid. I felt wonderful,
weightless and full of joy. I found movement difficult and soon found
myself back in my fizzing body. The vibrations were like thousands of
electric shocks though they were not painful. I managed to get out
again and once more found myself floating near the ceiling. The same
sensation of lightness and freedom filled me. I re-entered my body and
woke up fully, both mind and body.

I went back to sleep again,
excited for what had happened and when I finally woke up the following
morning the feeling remained with me. I wanted to tell everyone, though
I didn’#8217;t, I wasn’#8217;t sure if people would take me seriously. I felt so
good, as if I had opened up a path to that part of my Self that I had
been missing, that I had longed for.

I’#8217;ve been out on a regular
basis ever since that first OBE. It was like riding a bike and I knew
that I would never forget how to repeat the experience. I had found my
inner button. We can all have conscious OBEs and by doing so expand our
consciousness, it is, of course, not the only way to grow spiritually,
but it is a way that works for me. We are all individuals and have our
own paths. Since I began my inner journey synchronicities have
increased, my ability to find lost objects and solve problems, meet the
right people at the right time. Life becomes easier as being connected
to an inner source, in-tuition, makes life flow more smoothly. That
first time was the beginning of a wonderful adventure into Self.

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