Opening The Third Eye Chakra and Seeing Beyond Physical Reality Using Brainwave Entrainment

The most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to you while in your human form, comes through your Third Eye Chakra, making it one of the most important Chakras.

Brainwave entrainment is a medium that can help you experience different dimensions, through the Third Eye Chakra, without having to leave your body. Entrainment presents a rhythmic and repeated sound stimulus to the brain, which it will follow and mimic, altering its brainwave frequency to match opening and stimulating the Third Eye Chakra.

Developing this Chakra, in this lifetime, using brainwave entrainment, will allow you to use your intuition during your decision-making process, instead of just relying on your physical senses only.

When The Third Eye Chakra Is Open…

· It is a direct connection with your source, or the divine.

· Is an avenue to personal wisdom-the understanding of your experiences.

· Gives you the ability to separate reality from delusion, enabling you to go beyond thinking small, by using intuitive reasoning-holistic thinking.

· Anger, hatred and resentment, dissolving of the ego, conditions, fears, habits, and false ideas are all let go here.

· This is the place where you experience detachment.

· Is the narrow gate which opens the way for your consciousness to ascend through the Crown Chakra.

· This is the place where all visions come from.

· The Third Eye is where you clear out bad programming from bad perceptions, so that you can find your own personal wisdom. As you do this, your psychic skills develop.

· You can see the future. The Third Eye Chakra is responsible for second sight.

· Through this chakra, you have the ability to receive non-verbal messages, even from the past or future, and certainly from the present.

· Messages are not limited to time and space, or distance.

· You are able to see ghosts, spirits, and non-visible phenomena.

· You can see the past, too.

· You recognize that the power is in the here and now.

· When open, karma is transcended.

· When unblocked, your dreams are productive, spiritually.

Third Eye Chakra’s Spiritual Lesson

· Understanding what is real and what is fantasy, how to detach, and open your mind.

· Soul realization, insight, imagination, clairvoyance, concentration, and peace of mind.

· Wisdom, devotion, and perception beyond the duality of our human world.

· To trust the insight and intuition that comes from the perspective of your soul.

· Seeing beyond everyday limitations.

· Emotional intelligence.

· “Seeing” not using your physical eyes.

Opening your Third Eye Chakra using brainwave entrainment increases your mental abilities, deepens your concentration ability, and helps you access your inner wisdom.

You will gain the ability to see what is hidden.

This is a great way to balance out your karma.

Clearing and balancing each of your chakras will allow you to live your best life.

Take advantage of a technology, brainwave entrainment, that can easily access and maintain the frequency required to activate the chakras.

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