Opening The Flow Of Love by Klaus Joehle

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Read these instructions before doing the meditation:

You will find this tape very different from normal meditation tapes. I am very result oriented and my goals are very high.
I have been working with my own tapes since I began with sending love. Over time I constantly adjusted the tapes and improved them in order to achieve my goals. I have tried many other meditation tapes but found them to limited in their scope in order for me to reach my goals and expectations. So I have constantly created my own tapes to push the limits of what is possible.
I have absolutely no interest in what is generally accepted as possible. Considering this you must realize that I have created this tape for myself to push me beyond what I can do today and each day.

Therefore you will find the intensity of this tape very extreme also there will be a fair amount of tension. This meditation is more like a work out than a standard relax and almost fall asleep type of meditation. This meditation will push you physically, mentally and spiritually, By the time you are finished you will feel like you just had an enormous work out but at the same time you will feel energized and alive.

There are physical effects, mental effects and spiritual effects. Physically just as an example you will probably feel that your strength has increased considerably. Mentally just as example your mind will be moving at a much faster speed than normal. Spiritually you will probably just as example notice something quite special.
Normally our larger self guides us by pushing us into certain directions or by closing doors so that only one is left open and or many times in painful ways if necessary but this is not necessary when we are more in touch with that larger part of ourselves.

My meditation is designed to place me into automatic pilot with my soul putting my soul in control. There are times when I do things that I myself would probably not have done and it is not till after it is done that I realize that my soul has taken over for that time. This is actually a very good thing. I could give you many examples of this but that would take up too much space and you will discover this for your self. These are just some of the examples.

This tape is very intense so please start off slowly. You will probably noticed that you will be straining during this meditation that is OK, the Caterpillar does not just turn into a butterfly, there are enormous growing pains but in many ways these pains can be beautiful. I could write an entire book of affects this tape is going to have on your life but that is something you will need to discover for yourself.

There is a certain breathing technique that I use. I take long deep breaths constantly expanding the amount of air I take in. Filling my entire lungs with air and at the top of my breath expanding just a little more each time before releasing. You will find that if you follow the meditation that you most likely will begin breathing this way automatically. Please work into this slowly, remember that I have been working with my tapes for quite some time and have brought them to a very intense level.

Breathing during “Opening the flow of Love” meditation

I can’t make this part of the tape so you will need to learn it before hand. I know you are excited but lets do this right Lets take a better look at the breathing.

Breath through your nostrils, breath into your stomach, then your diaphragm, and finally your chest do this in one movement, not three parts. Now let go and release your breath. Now do it again but fill your lungs with a lot of air and then hold you breath there. Notice what you are doing, you are physically closing your air flow. Never do this in the meditation.
Now do it again except this time just stop at the top of your breath just stop do not hold your breath. At this time you should be able to take in more air just a little about 3 to 4 very small tiny breaths, very tiny breaths do this a few times and try to increase it to 5 to 8 more tiny breaths but never holding your breath. You’ll notice that you are expanding your lungs but there is something else happening you are opening and also opening your energy centers, Don’t over do this the first time, but increase it over time a little every time until you can do it for more than a minute. You will not be taking in a lot of air and that is not the point either it is just to expand and to get you to feel the expansion. Do it just enough to give you the feeling of expanding like a balloon, but don’t over do it. The breaths are so small that you can hardly feel them. If you do not understand this do not go any further write me and I will try to answer your questions until we have an understanding.

You will be doing this in the meditation at certain times when you are opening the energy centers and increasing the flow of love. The meditation is a short 30 minutes but this will make it very intense and the results are enormous. As you are doing this there comes a time to release the air do so and as you do see the flow of love increasing even more, then just breath slowly and deeply for a bit before doing it again. I know that it is confusing but you must stay focused on the tape not the breathing. Use this breathing technique to increase your concentration. If you are working on creating something with love you will use this also. In short you are straining and then relaxing and straining and relaxing a balance will be created but the balance consists of both not a combination. Two forces working together as one but separate yet as one is more powerful then just one or the other.

Now comes the best part. The tape is designed to open the energy centers and increase the flow of love and also to increase soul guidance. So the tape is short and meant to be intense. There is no background sounds either for good reason. When the tape is finished then you have a choice of ending the meditation or going on. At this point you have opened the flow and are ready to create what you want and to send love where you want or if you want to do healing work by increasing the flow of healing love. You will do this in the same way I do it.

I can not put this on a tape even for myself because it changes every day. So here is what you do. When the tape finishes you will continue with your own inner voice giving yourself the instructions to what you want to do and to what you want to create. Say it out loud in your mind exactly as if you were giving someone else instructions to creating what you want. If you want to be a better healer give those instructions.

As in: I want to increase my healing abilities and am now increasing the flow of healing love and 2 increasing my guidance as to how the healing shall be. Give yourself explicit instructions and carry them out. See the healing love coming from you from your hand or your heart. What do you want this healing love to do. Speak it, feel it, sense it, hear it and see it. If you want to be more closely guided by your soul give those instructions if you want to create more abundance give those instructions, see the love going out from you radiating from you and bring the abundance back to you. Remember the breathing, your pushing and letting go and pushing and letting go. Next to love there is nothing more powerful then your own will and your own words directing that will to engage love to create that what you want.

Direct the love you send

After all what do you expect if you do not give love instructions on what you want. No force or power is of any use if it has no purpose and direction. Once the love you send out has the direction allow it to come in the best way and in the best form. Each one of the hundreds of energy centers in your body are like little projectors projecting the world you see and experience. Once they are projecting love what do you think you will see and experience? Through your eyes and in your lifetime you will see heaven on earth.

Now when you are creating with love at the end of the tape and after you have given yourself the directions with your inner voice you continue to send love out and do the breathing in order to increase the flow of love. But here is where we do things a little different. Lets say you want to create a boat, A row boat or sail boat whatever! You know what you want so tell yourself what you want. I want a row boat so I can row to places I could not go otherwise and look for things that get washed up on shore. This tells my bigger self exactly what I want and tells love exactly what I want but it still leaves the possibilities open to how you will get it and to how it will be manifested.

So now you will send your love out into the world not the object that you want but into the world through out the whole world and the universe and time and space into all probabilities and possibilities and just radiate it out there more and more do the breathing and then just before you let go breath in 3 to 5 times very deep breaths taking in as much air as feasibly possible with out hurting yourself and then letting go. Rest before going on to the next thing.
Healing with sending love

Even healing you will do the same way. You focus on the person but basically just send the love out there and not just directly to the person. I am still working on the details of healing with love and will be upgrading the instructions as things progress. In the past I have not worked much with healing but that is about to change. If you have been on the web page you will know why. Please read this several times it only looks difficult but if you read it a few times you will be doing it automatically.
How powerful is this???? How long did it take me to get the boat from the time I did this meditation sending love out to create it in my life? I will let you think about it.

“ What you put out is what you get back. ” What you send out through those energy centers is what you will experience.
Think of them as projectors the problem is that you can only do one thing at a time, either you run the projector or you enjoy the show.
That’s why we send love so that we will enjoy the show.
I sent out love looking for a boat what came back was “a boat”, it was built very lovenly by hand a labour of love. So I got a boat made with love for next to nothing and the person got something also, alot of love sent to him and his family at a time they needed it more than the boat. How long will I continue to send them love? Probably as long as I have the boat. What a deal.
For those that believe in creating Your own reality. As you raise your vibration you move closer towards fluid like spirit thereby making your reality creation more manageable and easier. Sending love raises your Vibration.

Visualize what you want when sending love

Sending Love, Visualizing/imagining things the way you would prefer them to be does not work if you contradict your visualization! How do you contradict your visualization? By visualizing what you want and also visualizing what you don’t want. This can nullify the creative potency of your sending love and visualization!

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #1:

If you want health, don’t visualize being healthy and also visualize not being sick, because then the focus on “healthy” is contradicted by the focus on “sick”.

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #2:

If you want world peace, don’t visualize peace and also visualize no more wars, because then the focus on “peace” is contradicted by the focus on “wars”.

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #3:

If you want wealth, don’t visualize being wealthy and also visualize no more debts, because then the focus on “wealth” is contradicted by the focus on “debts”.

Sending Love and Visualizing Example #4:

If you want to lose weight, donґt visualize being thin and also visualize getting rid of excess fat/ because then the focus on “thin” is contradicted by the focus on “excess fat”.

Similar style of meditation:

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