How to prove to yourself that you are more than your physical body

Original written:January 23, 2009

You are more than your physical body

Early this morning, I had a Robert Monroe-style out of body experience, it was long and memorable just like in the Robert Monroe two last books. Many people take up course in remote viewing or OOBE like the Bulhman course or the Monroe OOBE course to prove to themselves that they are more than their physical body.
An out of body experience is definitely the way to go especially if you manage to have a long one like the one I had this morning. It will remove all doubts you might have, genuine OOBE doesn’t feel like lucid dream , it is different. Let me tell you my story.
This morning, I woke up to find out that I was partially out of body, some part of my subtle body was still attached to my physical body, I tried hard to detach and go completely out of body, but it didn’t work, I finally gave up and fell back asleep.
A few minutes later, I woke up again but this time I was completely out of body, I didn’t know it, I saw no difference my room was just my room. It took me awhile to realise that I was out of body, I didn’t know how it came about. I decided to left my home and explore my surrounding.
Here I don’t remember how I did it, but I appeared in the stair of a high rise building, I saw a crowd of people trying to enter the elevator.
I decided to not go with them but to continue walking down the stair. It occurred to me that I could just go through walls. I tried but it didn’t work, I could only go a few centimeters into the wall no more than that. I assume here I have a limiting belief, I continued walking down the stair until I reached the underground level, I was surprised I saw no door, I turned my head around to look for a door, then a door was there, but strangely I thought that door wasn’t there a few seconds before, I walked in the grand underground parking of that building I could see a shining light from the sun coming from the entrance of the parking.

Here I decided to experiment with something, I focused on attracting a demon or negative entity. A so-called demon came from the entrance of the parking, he was on the form a very tall muscular guy very hostile. I think if I was in a lucid dream the entity would just appear at front of me instead of coming from the entrance like a resident of that “belief system territory” (Robert Monroe term for OOB-locations , areas)
The guy attacked me although he was tall and muscular he wasn’t very strong, I easily managed to put him down, I took the occasion to run away but in that environment I noticed it was difficult to run or even walk, it demanded me effort and coordination.
I think “navigating” is a more appropriate term. As I arrived at the level of the exit, I turned my head a last time in direction of the guy-demon , sat on the ground he looked at me like a child, he took a pair of nunchaku from his jacket and waved it like Bruce lee and he said “aurevoir” (good-bye) in a child like manner like a 3 years old kid.

Now, I do not understand the people fearing negative entities or demons, they cant arm anyone and they often are projections of inner beliefs. If you believe that the world is a hostile place you are more likely to manifest a representation of that when you are out of body. I personally welcomed this confrontation with the entity in my waking life I do not have occasion for fist fight like that, there is really nothing to fear.
Out of body, you either encounter your own creations (I believe this one was mine) or the creation of someone else compatible with your belief system. Either case there is nothing to fear just understand , you do create your reality in and out of body.

Once in the street everything looked so real and solid with no incoherence, I swear if I had died in my sleep and opened my eyes to be there, I would have believed that this place was my physical reality because they lookalike. It was very sunny like a summer day, people were everywhere, many cars around and many buildings. I asked myself what this place was, I didn’t recognize that city.

At one point, it seemed like my hometown of Brussels at another point I had the impression to be elsewhere.
I was very impressed, it was almost like physical reality with two notable differences, the color there weren’t as vivid as in physical reality. It was like in a Clint Easwood movies such as Mystic River or Flags of our fathers not too vivid colors. The second notable difference, is that I didn’t really walk or run, I navigated it is difficult to describe. At some point I could move with fluidity at another point I couldn’t I was going very very slow, I don’t know why, I have a lot to learn here.

Again I cant say it enough but the place was so real, I speculate that some people have an existence there when they are asleep where they work out some issues or explore creativity but they don’t have recollection of their experiences when they woke up in the so called physical reality. Probably for the native of that belief system territory our so called physical reality is the dream. I walked long time crossed large section of that unknown city. It was a nice walk during a very sunny day. I passed by a subway station then I got the idea to take the names of the streets so I can look online if this place exist, I took the name of two streets I passed. I continued my walk until the countryside. There I was stopped by a group of teenagers , they asked me for my help strangely they knew that I could speak fluently Spanish, they needed someone able to talk Spanish , one of guy asked me if I could try to talk to his girlfriend to convince her to talk to him again.
Here, I worried that if I got involved with those young guys I would forget the name of streets that I wanted to verify. These thoughts interrupted the experience I was back in physical reality, the experience was so long and I had a bit of doubt about being really in my physical reality. I got out of my bed and took notes of the streets and locations.

Circus Straat

Circus Straat

Later in the day, I was able to use Google Maps and find three of the places “Circus straat” , “Mechelse Straat” and the part in the countryside was on Woluwestraat in machelen, I have managed to find picture of Woluwestraat, it is indeed the countryside !!!
I was also able to locate the subway station near “circusstraat”. May be, I visited a probable parallel version of Belgium. Because those streets are in Brussels and Woluwestraat is in the small town of Machelen right outside Brussels. Why Belgium, why not Spain where I live ? I don’t know.
But, I’m happy with the experience I’m looking for more exploration. If you want to prove to yourself that you are more than your physical body I urge you to have a OOB experience either take up the reliable Robert Bruce course or the Monroe one or both Robert Bruce recommends to supplement his course with the Monroe course.

Have fun !