Money and the Law of Attraction

We were all born as “Law of Attraction”/ money attracting experts

When we were born, we worked within the law of attraction, without even knowing it. We didn’t have the cognitive capacity to know what we needed- but we sent out the energy of our needs to our families who reacted. Therefore, the law of attraction is inherent in every living being, and never completely goes away. In fact, it is very powerful and if people aren’t careful about what they say, think and feel- they WILL keep attracting what they don’t like.

Society teaches us to question things and think logically about everything- so we gradually start to lose that feeling which human beings, from the humble farmer enjoying ample crops and prosperity; to the man who struck gold… never lost.

What is this “Law of Attraction” and how do I make money from it?

The Law of Attraction as per my basic conception of it is- “Like attracts Like”… What does this mean for you?

Monitor your relationships- If you have friends etc. always talking about money problems, then this will attract to you. It doesn’t mean you need to end the relationship… just change the topic… or even hold feelings and thoughts such as- “they will not talk about their lack of money with me” or “they will only talk about positive things and prosperity with me”… It’s amazing what a bit of thinking and feeling prior to a meeting will do!

Don’t just “think” about getting more money- The law of attraction needs to be accompanied by feelings and visualisation. I also add a dash of “Joyfullness” into the pot. Because when I want to make more money, I want to feel joyful about it. Unfortunately, subconsciously many people have been conditioned by society to be afraid of being wealthy. Therefore, it’s thoroughly important to combine thinking with feelings, visualisation and JOY.

– Do it your way- make the law your own- I know from playing Classical piano that I must make the music my way. I must practice the ways that I wish to, and take from the artists that I admire the things that I want. I cannot fully, 100% duplicate the way they do things… This is the same with the law of attraction!

When I first applied the law of attraction, I got despondent. I had gone out and gotten myself a vision board. I had printed out fake checks and written the millions that I wanted on it and stuck it to fridge. I even found pictures of celebrities that I wanted to look like… Well that DIDN’T work for me- and I wasted time and what little money I had then, on creating these things.

So… for you, YOU need to find something that works. I like to meditate before I go to sleep visualising, feeling joyful about what I want to attract, as though it’s already happened to me. Also, throughout the day I monitor my thoughts and feelings (and who I’m talking to)… and see if I’m feeling a little bit negative. If so, I do something like take a walk, watch a funny movie, listen to music or even just visualise some more to put myself in a better frame of mind.

Finally remember… The law of attraction is not about changing the people around you. As you learn more about this law and apply it in your daily life, you may become susceptible to trying to change others. DON’T do that! Let them be. A huge part of the law of attraction is ALLOWING- both allowing others and the world to be as it is… and allowing money to flow to you. This is because if you focus on how you want the world to change, and how you want other people to change- this is a contradiction of the law of attraction-because you are focusing on the negatives of these people and the world around you. You are better off focusing on imaging how the world and people around you will become… and approach their faults with an attitude of JOY because you know it is only a temporary state. You will be surprised!… and you WILL start making more MONEY by following the law of attraction.

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2 thoughts on “Money and the Law of Attraction”

  1. Terrific advice on approaching manifesting money using the Law of Attraction.

    Not only are many people taught to fear being wealthy, they are taught that wealthy people are bad/greedy/mean.

    As long as you believe that the Universe will never deliver wealth to you–unless of course you are bad/greedy/mean, too–and who wants that!

    Starting with joy and love, ask how will having more money serve me? Focus on the joy-filled experiences that having money will provide and you are on your way to manifesting the life you want.

  2. You make a good point about the law of attraction starting at birth, sadly it gets lost over time, people beging to get greedy over things they do not really need, their wants and desires take over. If you want to attract someing into your life, you need to become receiptive, it is your needs that are met by the universe, not your wants and desires. Find a good need for what you seek and the universe will respond with kindness.

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