Mind Over Matter Tips That Work

Mind over matter is controlling your beliefs. Whatever you believe is true becomes your reality. Even if it is false in another persons eyes, if you believe it, it is true for you. This is the root of all conflict. Beliefs have immense power and sub-consciously we as humans know this. It is for this reason that beliefs we do not agree with are so offensive and threatening to us. Because the power of beliefs is the heart of the law of attraction.

The biggest mistake people often make is giving even more power to the contrary beliefs they despise. By focusing on them, all of the reasons why they hate them, and how negative those other beliefs “make” them feel. This of course only contributes your own attractive force to further bring about the reality of the beliefs which you disregard! Causing more of the circumstances to arise which will further provoke the same negative feelings you are sending out into the universe. Mind over matter is using this same process consciously for your own benefit. To attract the events into your life that make you feel happy!

You can choose to use your mind over matter by carefully structuring your beliefs around your deepest desires. If you want something, but do not believe you can have it, you are inadvertently using the law of attraction to prevent the experience of you ever having that desire. If you have no clue HOW you will get something, but you believe you will get it without a doubt, your desire will be yours in no time! Use the power of your beliefs with such conviction that you can actually experience having them in your mind, as if your desires are already yours. That is true mind power!

Whatever it is that you want to have, or become, there is a definite feeling involved. It is this feeling of joy, accomplishment, happiness, and gratitude which drives our dreams and goals. Try to envision yourself as the person who has already received your wish. Imagine how you will feel with your desire. Feel all of the power, excitement, and peace of mind of actually having what you want most. Find those precious feelings and positive thoughts and hold onto them tight within your mind. Believe in them as though they are the truth, and experience them mentally, until you actually believe it. As much as you can, feel as though you already are the person you most want to be. Harnessing these positive feelings is how you can immediately begin to re-shape your current reality to that which you are actively believing in. This is how the law of attraction flows through you and grants power to your mind over matter.

Whatever you allow yourself to believe, you also automatically accept the limitations of as well. You cannot expect an outcome outside of your belief system, after-all, this is your defined reality. Choose to believe in the limitless and you will live in an unlimited world! Choose to believe in the possibility of your success or better yet, the absoluteness of it, and it will surely be yours. This is the reality you create. Using your mind over matter and defining the reality and destiny of your life. You were born with this power and have access to an unlimited supply of energy to create and become the greatest and most amazing things you can imagine. Do not allow others and their limited beliefs to quell your efforts before you begin! By accepting convoluted beliefs out of fear or ignorance you only gain the limitations of the beliefs originator. The lure of the fact that a negative belief is true for someone else offers a lazy mind the comfort of not having to think for itself. Be careful not to gain this confidence in your new-found beliefs, only to become a prisoner of them!

Be your own master and rule your mind over matter to discover the freedom of who you truly are, while gaining the perspective to achieve it. The power of your chosen beliefs hold the keys to making them reality. Decide now what you want and who you will become and believe in it without question. Whatever is necessary for the accomplishment of your vision will be presented to you in time through the law of attraction. Just believe and feel grateful in the success of your goals. Never swaying in your faith that they are coming true. Never accepting a reality in which they are not yours. Never allowing a limiting belief to enter your mind again. The way you act and feel will naturally merge with your beliefs and give wings to the actualization of your dreams into reality!

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