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Materialization is the apparent creation of matter from nowhere and out of nothing. In the 19 th Daniel Douglas was well know to be an experienced medium, he was able to make tables move, play music without instrument and materialize spirits. Reverend Stainton Moses was also talented medium able to materialize stuffs. Nowadays, the art of materialization seems to be a bit lost, according to Duane Packer co-author of Opening To Channel, materialization demand extraordinary amount of energy and today the humanity may not need such fabulous feats to believe in the survival of the soul after physical death.

Materialization in the past centuries was a collaboration of the spirit world and the physical one to help humanity to elevate his consciousness.

Usually a materialization will be manifested on the form of ectoplasm (A semi-fluid substance which often appears cloudy and white) Some researchers where able to take pictures of ectoplasms. But, unfortunately, most researchers aren't interested to study this phenomena further. Less and less, mediums seem to be able to perform materialization in the west.

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