Luck with Abraham Hicks Wallet process

I read the book “Money and the Law of Attraction” by Abrahams-Hick, there is an exercise called the wallet process about putting 100 dollars/euros in your pocket and going into some shopping area and mentally spend these 100 dollars over and over. If you do it then 10 times in one hour, that’s 1000 dollars. The exercise according to the book is enough to change your financial point of attraction by helping to connect and experience one of the essence energy of wealth which is freedom. The more you feel freedom in yourself the more you will have it in your life.

Once, I had to go to the city center to buy some clothes and shoes, I decided to give the technique a try but I also added something else I played on my Ipod Touch the subliminal alpha-theta track Attract Wealth (Brainsync) while walking in the streets.

I started by looking at the stores to some interesting items and I imagined myself buying them, quickly, some resistance showed up. It was a blessing because it offered me the opportunity to take note of some limiting beliefs I have toward money. I can work these limiting beliefs with EFT. I continued the exercise of virtual spending when I was attracted to a store that I had the shoes I was looking for.

I excepted to pay something like 40-50 euro but I got lucky! the price was 29 euro for 2 pairs.
It was the end of the collection and they sold at a special low prices, the last pairs. I went to another store looking for t-shirts and I got lucky again. The same day, I also made a new friend who is involved in producing music, my new friend asked me if I could help with filming a music video I accepted and next week I’m going to visit the recording studio.

It was a very good day I made little effort I got bargains in stores and new opportunity.

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