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Love and Levels of consciousness

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Your experience of sending out love (or love meditation) will vary greatly depending where you are at on the scale of levels of consciousness. I remember I was chatting with a friend who was a practitioner of sending love and he was complaining that he did not get much out of it. I noticed my friend had quite a lot of pockets of negativity in him. If you do the love sending meditation, it will not necessarily eliminate these pockets of negativity. Let examine the levels of consciousness (energy) and their relation to love.

Love is a high state of energy. It has been said we have all the love we can possibly dream within us. Our love is covered up by negativity the more negativity you have the less effective and the more difficulty it will be to do love mediation.

For example looking for love outside of you directly add a level of difficulty. Because, it traps you in the idea that you are NOT the source of love. When in fact, you are your only source of love.

Your level of consciousness is what you feel most of the time. The lower the level the more effort you need with sending love.(from 2003 up to now, I visited sending love/love meditation from different levels of consciousness. What I share here is from direct experience.)

Guilt and Shame:

At this level, it will take you many hours to feel some relief from your love sending effort. In this level 15-30 min. session might not bring any significant effect. If you feel that you are plagued by guilt or shame., I would recommend you book for yourself a 3-day week-end. Use that week-end to have one session of 4 to 6 hours every day. You may not feel a big relief the first two-day as you met with a lot of buried content and unturned stones. You will notice that things get better from day-3 you will be able to appreciate positive changes in your daily life. Wake-up one hour earlier than you usually do and practice the love meditation for one hour before starting your daily activities. You will see that your life condition will significantly improve rapidly

Fear, lust, anger, pride:

If your life is dominated by one of these emotions fear, lust, anger or pride, you will have to consciously trace-back the belief behind your feeling. In fact, I also recommend you do this work if you have pockets of shame and guilt.

Most core limiting beliefs are installed during early childhood. To uncover core limiting beliefs, I use a device called a TruTester, it uses Applied Self Kinesiology (ASK). It works very well for me. At that level of consciousness, the regime is the same here at least one hour of love meditation in the morning.

Lower positive field: (Courage, optimism)

People who are happy with love sending are likely to be in that field. In that level, when you do the love sending you feel very energized. It is a level where you do not have any major traumatic or limiting beliefs that interfere with your life. In that level, if you want to be propelled to the next level try to do the meditation for 2-hour every morning within a week, you will observe seemly miraculous things happening to you.

Intermediate positive field: (Acceptance)

In that level, when you wake-up you already feel love. You are filled with joy and enthusiasm from the beginning of the day, and you want to share it with others. However, being an intermediate level you can still be dragged down by whatever events , unsolved issue got to you. In this level, you can drop “sending love” completely. You are a radiant person in that level, and your life is a reflection of your radiance of love. I personally no longer use Klaus Joehle style of meditation. What I do is polarity surfing for example: Say : “I allow myself to resist love” (Try feeling what its like to resist love) Say:”I allow myself to accept love” (Feel what it’s like to accept love)
Both statements will neutralize each other and create a state of freedom where I can go in my preferred direction without resistance.

High positive field: (self-love, unconditional love)

I had a few visits in that level. It is filled with humor, joy and love for you and others. It is a level filled with a profound respect for life and acceptance of everything that exist. It is a truly ecstatic level. Here, you identify yourself with love very strongly.

The view you have on sending love will vary depending the level you are at.

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