Life Purpose Basics: Making It Happen

I have to admit to dragging my heels.

Every time I sat down to complete the Life Purpose Basics series with this final article on Making It Happen, I found myself lacking direction. I was stuck. I couldn’t distill the most effective way to share the best methods to bring what you have uncovered about your life purpose into your life.

So I let myself be inspired by my clients. As we worked together to guide them toward action based on what they really want in life, I discovered a magic formula.


You can’t have one without the other. If you do, chances are what you have is confusion, not purpose.

When we have awareness without action, we are still not going anywhere or moving toward our purpose. We’re simply stuck at a higher level. Sometimes that can be even more painful than our previous state of stuck, because now we REALLY know that we want to make a change and we still find ourselves sitting still.

When we have action without awareness, we find ourselves throwing spaghetti against the wall. Mentally, that is. And we have that all too familiar feeling of running in the hamster wheel, exhausting ourselves with action, but never truly getting anywhere that feels meaningful.

We can apply this formula to the two paths people most commonly take to bring more meaning into their lives:

  • bringing more meaning into your life NOW, without changing external factors such as our job or living situation
  • transitioning out of current externals such as your job and living situation and into new incarnations of those elements

Show Me the Meaning

You don’t have to upend your existence to create more meaning in your life. You only need to create connection. In What Does “Meaning” Mean? you were guided to create a list of conscious based values, or your “want to’s”. Now is your chance to put those to use.

You can do this by asking yourself one simple question every morning: What value do I want to honor today?

This is a to-do list of a different sort. It gives purpose to everything you do whether it be going to the grocery store, managing employees, or spending time with your family. Make yourself an action plan based on that value. It looks something like this:



Action Plan:

  1. Bring bagels to work
  2. Ask the cashier at the grocery store how their day was
  3. Make your family’s favorite food for dinner

At the end of the day you have still accomplished the tasks that you ordinarily do, but in an extraordinary way. You have accomplished them with more purpose.

Conquering New Territory

Your exploration of life purpose may guide you toward the second path, which is exploring new territory in life. This could include changing careers, moving, or any other transition that you wish to make.

To arrive at your new destination you can use the E.T.A. process:

1. Explore:

I find that most people want to burn right through this step because they are afraid of what they might find out. Maybe they will find out that the change is going to be difficult. Or that it is going to require more (resources, time, money) than they thought. Sometimes people want to just jump right in and start making it happen! But the fact is that you can’t get to step 2 if you don’t complete step 1. You need to know what you don’t know. So do your research. Find out what it will mean to make the transition you want to make.

2. Take steps

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your new life won’t be either. Break down your big goal into smaller, achievable steps. And if you find yourself having trouble completing any of those steps, don’t give up! See if it needs to be broken down even further to get it done.

3. Assess

This part of the process should be completed each time you take a step. Give yourself a moment to evaluate your progress, and to CONGRATULATE yourself for the progress you have made. You can also take the time to evaluate your overall goal. Has anything changed? Have you discovered a new direction you want to take? This step will prevent you from charging ahead blindly without re-connecting periodically to your true purpose.

Enjoy the journey. More meaning is closer than you think.

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