Life After Life After Life

Reincarnation – a life after this life after another……

What a wonderful thought that our soul is immortal and embarks upon a new chapter and learning curve with each successive human lifetime!

There are many who intuitively feel that subsequent human births will follow this one. Others cannot consider the idea of ‘having to return’ to endure all they have had to this life and totally reject the idea of recycled souls as unfortunately the opportunity for fresh and brighter experiences.

There are occasional people who fancy that they have lived a previous life of great fame and splendour with magnificent achievements that allow them to identify with heroes of the past and regrettably all too often is Cleopatra or Napoleon the selected claim.

Yet many of us remember past lives, or parts of some, that filter through into present day habits, personality talents and sometimes as unreasonable fears, instant likes and dislikes of people and require reason and balanced attitudes in self discipline, or a skilled philosopher or psychotherapies to help reduce the negatives and be free to experience the positives. There are also strong happy memories recovered spontaneously without any apparent outer cause. Both happy and tragic times and experiences are naturally most heavily engraved in the soul.

At certain stages of individual enquiry into spiritual matters, it becomes important that we recall a difficult lesson from the past for some reason we can only speculate about, as this usually is a matter directed by greater intelligences beyond our understanding. Sometimes it may be to observe our physical death in a previous life in order to be convinced of the immortal nature of our soul. Or it may be to recall a humble role in a previous life to balance a dominant place in society at the moment.

But certainly we must hazard a guess that previous life recall is not for our indulgence or entertainment but to help us face up to our responsibilities in this present life.

Only when we are progressing in overcoming our material nature and are better attuned to our soul do we earn a likelihood of seeing a speeded up spiritual ‘video’ of our soul’s total journey to this point.

The reluctance to face reincarnation as a natural law was instilled in those of Christian faith following the deliberate eradication of the concept from the early church doctrinal teachings. There is no such hesitancy in other religions and philosophies. In the Hindu culture it is a simple custom of parents to encourage infants to express any dim memory of a previous life should they wish to communicate about matters that do not relate to the present. This is unlike western parents whose habit is often to punish such recall as mere fantasy or lies.

Memories of all kinds, recent or long term are important. But it is our beliefs and ideas that guide us in our present lives together with our innate sense of moral and ethical values stronger than any assumed codes or unproductive reminders of the past.

Ideologies that focus on future rewards and strengthen the belief that self sacrifice will be rewarded in a future heavenly state promise ample after death. Any promised reward such as that of a large harem, makes young men eager to die so that they can indulge in future sensory pleasures.

Others choose to believe in being good in a life of service to others so that after death they can mingle with souls of friends and loved ones of like company.

For most of us who sincerely love this planet Earth, there is only the motivation to appreciate the wonderful gift of life opportunity in our wondrous natural environment and will yearn to return here following the completion of our present life. If it is love and appreciation that determines our fate, then perhaps this is likely to recur as an attractive proposition.

Those who seek the truth will consider the concept and perhaps realise the perfect order and justice that accompanies our advances through the ‘classroom ‘we share on earth, sharing an equal opportunity we all have to grow in intelligent understanding of life. This right of free will functions regardless of our inherited material circumstances that reflect our debits and credits in the divine justice we know as the Law of Karma. It is this law that spiritual teachers of all eras have referred to when in their wisdom as they instruct us to “Have faith in The Law”. It is this justice and fairness that permits no ‘favourites’ that our secular law seeks to emulate, however poorly.

In accepting the natural law of reincarnation and our future incarnations as inevitability within the natural justice system of Karma that functions to give each of us our due, brings comfort to allow greater advances in spiritual growth to be made. We are inclined to reduce our chaffing against the seeming injustices of human society and soothe any feelings of impatience and anxiety regarding limited life time. We have all the time in the world!

Just as a member of society must acquire knowledge of the established laws of a country before functioning within it, so we all must acquire knowledge and be familiar with the universal laws of life that apply throughout in the moral and spiritual life environment in which we share.

When we find our way through the many adventures, experiences and discoveries that result from use of our free will and that require our wise choices… we find that it is way well trodden. It is lit by the wisdom of others who have gone safely before us, as well as by our own inner wisdom – the spiritual wealth of life experience accumulated by our soul, life after life….

Sally Janssen is a writer, and Yoga teacher well known both in Australia and abroad for her skill in demonstration of the Hatha Yoga practices and her wisdom in applying the principles of Raja Yoga -the study of the mind and consciousness. Many people throughout the world share a belief in reincarnation. The idea is integral to the philosophy of Yoga as shown at her website


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  1. If the afterlife is timeless, and we only live in the Now, this physical plane is our illusion created by our consciousness, there are no past or future lives. So whazzup with REincarnation?

    1. The term reincarnation help to make the discusssion easier in many cases ,especially, in the concept of past life therapy.

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