Learning Telepathy

More and
more people are open to the idea of telepathy and want to learn the skill for

isnt difficult to learn the main block is in the belief, one should believe
that she can achieve telepathic transmission and reception. There is another
important preliminary it is that you need to have a clear mind to send and receive.
Usually your outside environment is a reflection of your inner environment, if
you live in a cluttered space and you are disorganized chance is that it
reflect an energy leak inside you.

This is the very first thing you have to do; get
ride of the clutter; make a vacuum in your life. Transmute the energy of your
place by a more positive one by keeping your place as clean as possible.

There is a
lot of discussion about this in the field of Feng-shui, I encourage the person
interested to read more about it, there
is much to say about the energy in the place we live.

It is equally good to be in the habit to have some
mental discipline in the form of concentration exercise. The better your
ability to concentrate the better you will be able to send and receive
telepathic transmission.
The simplest concentration exercise you can do is to
improve your awareness by telling to yourself positive words that raise your
vibrations and make you a more aware person, examples of positive affirmations
are ‘Im abundant, Im giving and resourceful, I have peace of mind , it
is easy to make your own affirmations tell yourself the qualities you want to
acquire, in a sense you are lying to yourself but it is a good lie and
everything start by a belief that it is possible. You can also improve your
self-awareness and raise your vibrations by changing your posture and breathing
pattern, when you walk, walk with a more confident posture also the stress and
pressure we go through in our lives dont help us to have a natural breath.
Qigong and Yoga have practice to help to achieve a correct breathing habit that
use the full capacity of the lungs.

telepathic reception

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For 10 to
15 minutes sit comfortably or lie
quietly. Start by observing your thoughts get familiar with your own stream of
thoughts, do not judge, make comments or follow a certain train of thoughts, it
is here that some experience in concentration does help.

When you
can very well distinguish your own flow
of thoughts , you will discover underneath a layer of disconnected thoughts,
images and even sounds.

It is
difficult to say what you will get personally from this exercise, pictures may
involves people you know or dont know, voices can be familiar or unfamiliar,
images can blink out.

description of everything you perceived, if it involves someone you know, you
will have to verify with that person if what you received was a legitimate

Not everything you will receive will be telepathic
to get better with this, you have know your own energy better; that the way you
will be able to separate telepathy, your energy and the imagination.

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Learning telepathic

This an
entry level exercise the easiest you can do, it consist to send love to someone

Lie or sit
comfortably, close your eyes and imagine a bright violet sphere of violet light
on top of your head this one symbolize your crown chakra which hold your energy
of wisdom, now focus on the center of your chest and imagine a bright pink
light which hold your love-energy.

Imagine a
flow of violet light coming from your crown chakra to your heart chakra, this
make your heart energy wiser because without wisdom your heart is sentimental
and irrational, make the light of heart reach your crown chakra because without
heart energy your crown chakra is cold and distant, play with this until you
have a good feeling of it to finish imagine a stream of light coming from your
heart chakra to the heart chakra of someone you have chosen. Do it for a couple
of minutes, you know when the other person has received your telepathic
transmission by the way you feel, if you are feeling better and happier and it
is an excellent sign that your message has been received in certain rare case,
you might feel drained and frustrated it happens when you send love to someone
who has closed his heart to you.

Do not look
for feedback in the other person as you
might not get one, the sole measure of success is the way you feel when you do
it, usually if you do this exercise a lot with the same person, your
relationship will start to improve in a new way , more loving should I say.

Have fun learning telepathy!

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