Learn Telekinesis Training Concentration Exercise and Tips


Many people have dreamed of having the ability to move objects at will
using only their mind (telekinesis). We hear stories on a regular basis
and often find videos posted around the internet of people claiming to
have developed their telekinesis ability, but some how it just does not
seem real.

Sadly, a lot of the videos you find around the internet have been
faked. With todays technology, it is easy to fake many things. Yet just
because there are people that can fake some things, it does not mean
all telekinesis is faked. In fact, telekinesis is an ability that can
be learned, though for most people it takes concentrated effort to
accomplish the first results. For this reason, most people give up
before they get their first results.

Yet by establishing a plan that starts with developing your
concentration first and then slowly working into exercises that develop
actual telekinetic abilities, we are finding a much higher success

Few people have reached the point in their telekinesis training that
they get reproducible on a regular basis. Yet there are thousands of
people that are getting enough results to point to the fact that
“something ” unexplainable is happening and the only logical
explaination is that slowly but surely people are developing their
telekinesis abilities.

Where most people fail is when they start to immediately try to make
objects move without any concentration training. Those that have the
best results with their telekinesis abilties are those that have highly
refined concentration abilities. So it only makes sense to start by
fine tuning your concentration abilities before starting to develop
your telekinesis abilities.

Concentration exercise: For this exercise you will need a post it note.
Place the post it note on a wall several feet away from you, at eye
level. Take a few moments to let your mind and body relax. Take several
deep breaths and focus your concentration on the post it note. If any
thought comes into your mind, gently push them away until nothing but
the image of the post it note is in your mind.

This may sound easy, but your goal is to build to the point where you
can maintain the image of the post it note in your mind without any
other thoughts intruding for a minimum of 5 minutes and preferably for
10 minutes or more.

It is interesting to note that people who meditate on a regular basis,
have much better results both in concentrating and in accessing their
telekinesis abilities. This is due to the fact that meditation is a
form of concentration and those who meditate on a regular basis can
often keep their concentration for upwards of 30 minutes or more.

Only when you have reached the point of being able to concentrate
without any other thoughts or ideas entering your mind for an extended
period of time, will you then be ready to start trying to learn
telekinesis and be ready to mvoe your first object.

Working with a group can also help you develop your abilities faster.
There are many online groups, but my students that do the best also
work with a group on their local level. Invite a couple of friends over
and have a telekinesis party. Always start with building concentration
first. In fact, when your group is new, it is best to spend several
sessions working solely on concentration before starting to build
telekinesis abilities. You’#8217;ll get much better results that way.

Pamela Freeman is the owner of http://learn-telekinesis-training.com a growing community of people helping each other develop their telekinetic abilities.

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  1. Great article, and for the ones who want to learn telekinesis and other psychic abilities you should know that your beliefs are very important if you want to succede.

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