Learn about how to start to use the gifs of psychic abilities

You just find out you have psychic power or ESP (Extra Sensorial Perception) but you have no idea what to do about it , how to handle it. It causes you some panic.

Lets discuss that first how do you know for sure that you have some ESP or Psychic Power ?

Obviously simply observing the event occurring in your life will give you strong clues if you are a genuine psychic or not.

You fit the bill if any or many of the following happened to you:

You dreamed of future events.

You start to answer correctly to questions before people even ask you.

Your friend or sister/brother is thinking about a song and suddenly you start to hum that song.

You move object with your mind

You can control the fall of the dices

You scores great on ESP test

I have known three types of  new psychic. First type – They choose to develop as much ESP skills they can and try to cultivate and improve during their life usually these psychic work as paid psychic  (counsellor) , ESP teacher , researcher or paranormal book writer.

It demands a lot of commitment to be like that, daily training is long up to 6 hours or more if you are really serious about, read George King biography that master was training 10 hours a day but his training paid he developed all sorts of amazing skills.


Second type – They develop as much abilities as they can and settle for the ones they are good at, they training is less intense and less disciplined than the first type but still very demanding. It is good approach once you find what you are good at you can push your training to be really good in these abilities. Usually people have more than one ability.


Third type – They choose one ability, the one they like the most and go for it. Sometime they dont choose anything the ability choose them, that was the case for Robert Monroe who find out that he had Out-Of-Body projection ability. As far as Im concerned I believe that the best ability to develop is the one to create the life that you want  (Manifesting), However, if you are more interested in OOBE or remote viewing please go for that.


Some important basics regardless what type of psychic you are it will be important to be good at:


Deep relaxation


Energy Work


You can learn about these basic skills in the book Initiation into the hermetics by Franz Bardon.  You can download the Ebook-pdf on this link (right click choose save as).


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