Law of Attraction – Attracting Positive People Into Your Life

The people, places, and events that come into our lives seem to
flow at the whims of random chance. Sometimes cruel, sometimes kind,
life can often appear to be an exercise of futility. But when looking at
the big picture, things seem to come together in a way that teach us
the exact lessons we need to learn at the exact time we need to learn
them. In this way, life can only be described as perfectly ironic.

like life, the law of attraction works with irony. How many times have
you surrendered to a situation only to find that your very surrender was
the fuel to transmute your suffering into peace? How many times have
you pursued a member of the opposite sex only to chase them away? How
many times have you let go of wanting something and the second you truly
let go, it flows to you in abundance?

When looking at life in
retrospect it becomes obvious that to possess is to let go, and to
attract is to have no need to do so. Zen compares it to striving after
wind. If you try to grab the wind it will elude you. But if you let go
and simply allow the wind come to you, then you can experience it

When it comes to attracting positive people into your
life the same philosophy applies. We all know that neediness is
unattractive. We’ve all been pursued by a member of the opposite sex
with statements like: “I need you, ” or “I can’t live without you. ” To
the ego, this is a great compliment. But to the higher self, this is the
worst possible consequence.

Neediness is unattractive. In this
context, “unattractive ” really carries two meanings. Neediness is both
unattractive from a social perspective as well as unattractive from a
spiritual perspective. From a purely spiritual perspective, neediness is
unattractive because it is a binding energy. If you say to your partner
“I need you to be happy, ” you are essentially setting up an obligation.

higher self yearns to be free. When it’s bound in any way at all it
will have no other option than to seek its freedom. Love opens up, it
lets go, and it gives without expecting anything in return; true love
never binds.

A great question to ask ourselves when we’re pursuing
a love interest, business partner, or friend is: “Why am I pursuing
this person? ” An honest answer to this question may find its roots in
self worth. To pursue another with any neediness, any at all, means that
there is some level of emptiness within, and we unconsciously believe
that the other person will fill in that void.

With all this in
hand, the first step to attracting positive people is to have a good
relationship with ourselves. The second step is to intend it and let go
of outcome. When you can live from a place of self love without any
attachment to outcome or neediness, the people you wish were in your
life will finally flow to you in abundance.

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