Law Of Attraction and Seduction

These questions come up a lot in private messages “How to use this stuff to get my ex back ?” and “How to use this stuff to attract a mate ?”. Stuff being the techniques discussed on this blog. This isn’t “a pick up and seduction” blog but here is my take on these questions.

Let starts with the question of getting an ex back.

Before you met someone you magnetize yourself to certain characteristics that are attractive to you. May be, you are magnetic to kindness, generosity, spirit and honesty. You believe these characteristics are desirable and because your beliefs form your reality , you will tend attract people that reinforce these beliefs this include your mate.

Eventually, you start a relationship with a mate with the characteristics you value so much, you are so focused in the begin on these characteristics that you ignore other characteristics that otherwise would have been unattractive to you. You are also so much flooded by the attention of your mate that you actually have no interest to see anything wrong. You have a nice relationship focused on the positive aspects of each other.

Later on, you might for one reason or another slightly change your focus and notice that you do not like XYZ characteristics in your mate or another possible scenario, you lose your job and find difficulty to find another one, it might as a consequence fill yourself with a belief in your unworthiness, this unworthiness will be picked up by your partner and problem may arise as a result of this new belief. This is one of the possible scenario among many. Any change of beliefs will cause an adjustment of your relationships for the better, status quo or worse.

In the first case, you start to focus on aspects you do not like about your partner you change your attractor field to attract more of that. This is especially true if you keep focusing over and over about these unwanted characteristics. Over time, you find a large chunk of characteristics that you do not like, they might not had been there in the begin as some of them can be the result of new beliefs.

Once you fill yourself with the new attractor field of what you do not want from someone then your relationship will begin to decay. Very simple !
If you want to re-attract someone you will have again to focus and cherish the characteristics that brought that person into your life, but even with that there is no guarantee that this specific person will get back at you but it is certain on the other hand that you will magnetize and attract someone with the characteristics you want, this is the Law Of Attraction !

Now for the folks who want to attract a brand new mate into their life the principle are the same. Often guys make the mistake to believe that women have certain attributes and if they master certain seduction techniques they will be able to secure the love and attention of women. They believe that they need to be an alpha male to attract women, they believe women “flake”, women are this , women are that!
What is not understood is that beliefs aren’t attributes of reality, the guys who adopt these beliefs essentially create a reality where they get these response, they don’t want “Let just be a friend” response, cancel date response, etc…etc…and they think that with certain skills they can avoid these responses.

Again, the Law Of Attraction is always at play, whether you are conscious of it or not. Therefore, If you believe that people are a certain way and that you need certain tactics to get them, this is exactly what you will get.

It will be a lot more easier for these guys to write down a list of characteristics they like and want from women and get the feeling that they are attracting women with these characteristics to them. Now, this is only half of it, there is a part where ALL the repellents must be removed. The most common are “I’m not enough”,”I’m worthless” ,”I’m unworthy”,”women give up on me”.
If you have these beliefs you can be sure that will be picked up by the people you meet.

So the method is simple: Make a list of characteristics of what you want, focus on this list feel the appreciation and reinforce the belief that you are attracting that in your life (Beliefs form reality) , work to remove the resistance and limiting beliefs.


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