Lack Of Love

Let talks about the lack of love. If someone is telling you or if yourself you are telling “You never say, I love you to me!”
You can be sure that the person making that statement or variation of that statement is the person with some issue.
The issue at play here is a lack of love or the inability to feel loved. It is sometimes observed as a feeling of emptiness. In relationship, it may take the form of co-dependency.
It is often associated with the themes of abandonment, the fear of losing the love of someone if the needs of that person aren’t met, the fear to be alone and not loved and much more.

At the core of the problem, there is a belief in unworthiness.
Unworthiness causes a lack of love. Usually, an individual in such a condition will create difficult conditions to feel loved and when these conditions are met because that individual feel unworthy, they will be difficult to maintain.

Such a person does not understand that love IS NOT and NEVER coming from the outside!!!

What people do today is this. They meet someone and they say “OK, I meet this person now. I will allow myself to love myself”

Because, it is really what it is.
When you say “oh, I lost the love, nobody loves me now”.
It is simply a decision not to feel your own love. Because, the only love that can be ever felt is your own.

In the Universe, there is no such thing as outside, time and space. All that stuff are illusions created by the YOU that you really are.

Now, there is no outside, there is no space, there is no time. How about others?
Well, you are the one perceiving. You perceive your own created version of the others.
The real OTHERS you do not perceive, just like you might feel separated from the real YOU that you are.

For the others to play a part in your life, there is always love involved. Love is a strong motivational force. Because the others love you, they accept to play a role in your reality for you to better yourself.
This is what relationships are for. For you to BE THE BEST, YOU CAN BE!

There is often stronger love and deeper bound between two enemies than two friends.
For a soul to play the role of a worse enemy and take the risk to meet with a tragic end as a physical individual strong love, commitment and courage must be present.

Through that karmic contracts, the two souls will evolve through a journey of contrast Hate/Love and make their own conclusion at the end of it.

For a second, see your physical life as a Hollywood TV show and see yourself as the producer of the show. If you aren’t happy with it. You can c the rule!
If you can only feel love when your partner says “I love you”. How about deciding to feel love, when you see a tree, a dog, when you are alone. How about deciding to feel love when you give love?
You see it is not complicated to create easy situations to feel love.

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lack of love

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