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Review:The JU 99 CE Junior 99 Chi Energizer

Posted: June 1, 2005

The JU 99 is the entry level Chi Generator of Hyper Space Communications & Technologies Inc. The company founded by Orgone generator expert Karl H Welz.

The unit is small and easy to carry in a jacket (battery version), it works on a 12V AC-DC Adapter, if you live in USA , you will get the adapter for free. The orgonite block in the unit is modulated at a theoretical frequency of 7.83 Hz. Optionally, you can buy a transfer disc couple (referred as the TC99), they are 2 small orgonite blocks.

The small JU 99 Chi/Orgone generator - no bigger than a Coke can

The JU 99 with the TC 99 transfer couple

The manual of the unit has a few exercises, you can do to test the unit, I did them. This device is supposed to generate Chi, life force, prana , orgone or whatever you want to call it.

Feeling the Chi Energy output :

According to the manual , if I put my palm 1 inch in front of the output, I should feel something a cool breeze or a gentle warmth, I felt nothing. I asked some else to test that, the other person said he feel a cool breeze. Apparently, what we feel depend on our sensitivity. I personally feel nothing, but other seem to be able to feel something.

The Water Test

As suggested in the manual, I tried to energize water. I took two bottles of water. One bottle was in a room away from the JU 99 Chi generator, the other bottle was in a room with the JU 99 pointed at it during 26 hours, ( the manual recommend 3 hours). Nothing happened the water in both bottles tasted the same.

Relaxation and trance state

The manual claims that you can use the JU 99 for relaxation, I tried a deep trance and relaxation exercise (the one on tape 2 B of the Gerald O Donnell remote viewing course). The JU 99 didn't add up something, the session is the same with or without the JU 99. In the other hand, sleeping with the JU 99 causes vivid dreams and deeper sleep from what I can remember of 3 nights with it, but, this thing can just be a placebo effect.

ESP and the JU 99

The JU 99 doesn't seems to be powerful enough to be used in some serious ESP work. Below is a list of test I did

Activate/sending chi to someone else --- result : failed

Telepathy --- result : failed (the attempt with the JU 99 failed, but later without a JU 99, I was able to connect with the person I was interested in)

Remote Viewing --- result : The JU 99 add nothing particular to your remote viewing the session will remain the same.

Charging a sigil worked but I cannot say , it was purely because of the JU 99, I have pretty good skill at manifesting.

What fun stuff you can try with the JU 99

Since the JU 99 doesn't seem to be very powerful, you can open the unit and add some crystals in it, I did this and later I was able to feel the cool breeze but the renewed water test still failed. You can also put the JU 99 between a pair of headphone and play binaural beats , this should modulate the Chi to your own use. (theta induction or other uses).


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