Is Learning Telepathy Dangerous?

The basic definition of telepathy is feeling another’s reactions or thoughts without using what is categorical called the five senses. Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense. This allows us to sense things without being face to face with someone.

Because of the nature of telepathy, it is viewed as communication that is not on our plane.

However, there have been several scientists and even animal trainers who are completely convinced that animals have the power of telepathy. While you would think this would be a crazy thought, they actually believe this can happen by vast distances.

It is believed that many natives who have not been modernized may be able to share ideas through telepathy. This is an amazing observation in this technical day and age.

Even if you have never considered it before, the truth of the matter is that telepathy is just a different language that can be taught and learned. We already acknowledge those who can’t speak correctly or read as well as others, so we should also help those who have problems developing their telepathic powers.

It is sad to say that we have lost much of our telepathic ability when once it was as pronounced in some as being musical can bring out a response from another.

Some people consider this another sense altogether. That is considered to be the sixth sense to many. It also comes in many other names depending on the era and region. It is now basically considered an instinct.

This instinct can manifest itself in many ways and can be regarded as telepathic in nature by some. I am sure we have all heard the instances of people who are just getting ready to board a flight for a planned trip, just to get a weird feeling and then decided to not to get on the plane. When they get home there are news stories of the flight they were about to take being in a bad crash with few survivors. Did that person who chose not to fly have a telepathic insight? What made them decide not to fly that day? Some might say it is a survival instinct that we all have. Others will say it was a telepathic intuition that made them feel the danger ahead and that is what made them falter and not get on the plane.

Exactly why has humanity lost its telepathic powers?

However, one reason that can be directly linked to this is the popularity of modern religion. Today, religion all but belittles the telepathic ability or treats it as some sort of sign of being a demon.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do when fighting a religion. Many people believe that all the religions have so much power over our society that most people have been taught to put no faith in telepathy. This is because it’s believed that the Messiah, Savior, or Prophet has to the natural abilities to do something of this magnitude.

So exactly why are religions so against the concept of telepathic powers?

In our own opinion it has to do with the power struggle between religious leaders. Why would they want someone else challenging them if they knew about telepathy? Granted not every leader is like this, but the majority has been throughout history.

Everyone deals with different religions, but if they’re not pushing down telepathy, scientists who are narrow minded are the next in line.

Perhaps it has been down played for them because of their religious beliefs or perhaps it is because faith is needed to believe in it some what, what ever the reason, most scientist think telepathy is folly. It could be that there are no scientific labels that are associated with telepathy, as in the periodic chart or other measurements that are used. It can not exist if you can not measure it. It is a close minded way of thinking, but it happens unfortunately.

Scientists do not however have a problem in believing that intuition is a true emotion. Intuition is not far from telepathy so it is wondered why the disparity can happen when it comes to telepathy.

Some believe it could be that the scientists who oppose telepathy are simply jealous. After all, it doesn’t seem fair that someone could do something like this, which is why they don’t want anyone else to have them. So instead of branding something different, it is always considered an instinctive response.

Why we as a people have become out of touch with our ability of telepathy is an unknown mystery but perhaps it can be traced back the biblical story of the Tower of Babylon. Perhaps the reason that there was so much confusion in language was because some of those languages were actually telepathy and it created chaos. One will never know but the lesson learned is that just because you cannot do it, does not mean that it doesn’t exist.

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2 thoughts on “Is Learning Telepathy Dangerous?”

  1. ok from my research i belive that one of the most powerful things used against telaphay is fear.
    the fear of the mind people have fear ofthoughts that are not the mode that they think or that seems somewhat forgin to them because they fear one that it might be an evil influnce producing it
    or that they might be loosing their grip on reality so if you touch their mind they run and hide from the thought. But from my experiances
    it can be a wonderious thing
    when i was younger i played at contacting others
    and found if my mind and their mind was on the same thing at the same time we could contact each other not an easy strong conection but the start of one then i would transmit an experiance that i felt would be within their framework of experiance
    and seee what they shot back theses worked quite rapidly like a whole summer or longer experiance would be transfered to me and i would experiance the feelings and everything they had felt or at least what to me seemed the wholething so then i would transmit my experance along simular lines to them and go from there nd with some people i was gratified with a great experiance responce
    and we would go from their .
    One morning over brakefast with a ladie and her young son we had a great contact and conversation where we would only anuncate every 10th word or so suddenly her boyfrind says what are you two talking about i can’t understand what you are
    saying then the connection was broken and she turned to me and said “how did you do that” ?
    I could not explainat that moment because he was a very jealose guy so i told her i would explain later after brakefast he grabed her and the kidand theey took off with my suit case and the weeks wages that he owed me. After that i was alot more carefull about contacting people in an open enviroment but i started expermenting much more. i have been accused of hipmotizing people
    and all other sort of things tring to take over their minds for my own evil perposes i have not even hardly tried for many years now. And not even sure if i could since i had a few brain tumors removed a few years ago.

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