Intuitive Mind or Rational Mind… How do I know the difference?

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the Gift!

Albert Einstein (who made that statement) was not only the most significant scientist of the twentieth century but was also an outstanding philosopher and a true mystic. His theory of relativity changed the direction of science by moving it toward a more holistic view of life and the universe.

One of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to developing and using the intuitive mind is “how do I know the difference between my intuitive mind and my regular thoughts… or my rational mind. That’s a great question and the answer is different… for everyone!

We need to learn or re-learn how to use our intuitive mind and rational mind in balance to experience a better or higher quality of living. We now live in a society where we are so inundated with stimuli and instant gratification that we forget to “connect” with ourselves. We rely so heavily on our thoughts, our rational thoughts, that we lose touch with our hearts. Our intuitive minds are directly connected to our heart center. Today we distract ourselves with TV, internet, video games, shopping, food, alcohol and work and we have lost the ability to connect. Not just with ourselves but with everyone around us. We use twitter, facebook, text and email. We don’t even have to see each other much less make a real connection. To be in touch with our Intuitive side our intuitive nature we must learn to quiet the mind chatter and turn off some of the stimuli we have grown so accustomed to. That’s the first key in distinguishing between our intuitive and rational minds. You can’t connect with yourself and your heart center if you can’t quiet your mind for even a few minutes a day.

So why is it important to connect intuitively? Well, I guarantee if you look back on a situation where you made a decision and you did so because you thought it was the right choice. All the “data” made that choice logical. Yet, every bone in your body, every feeling you had said “NO” this is not the right decision or choice. And, if you had followed your senses rather than your logic, you would be in a better position today. This actually happens on a daily basis for everyone, from small insignificant decisions and choices (or what we think are insignificant… topic for another time) to life altering ones. When we tap into our intuitive mind our intuitive nature, the energy seems to just “flow”. By that I mean we make decisions more easily and with more confidence. We actually make better choices for ourselves in the long run. Sometimes you can’t see that the decision is better for some time. Then you look back and say “wow”… I’m so glad I made that choice. I knew it was the right choice… I knew it in my “gut”.

So, to tell the difference between intuitive impressions and logical or rational thoughts, use all your senses. Intuitive impressions can be very subtle or very “in your face”. You know what I mean, when you get that gut wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach, that “flight or fight” type of feeling. That’s your intuition on steroids saying “STOP”. You are about to go off a cliff! There a countless stories of people having this type of experience that actually saved someone’s life… or their own.

So, what about the more subtle impressions? Well, in my experience when I first started utilizing my intuition more readily and purposefully, the way I could tell the difference was my intuitive thoughts were “back behind” my rational thoughts. So if I were to see it visually, I would see BIG BOLD THOUGHTS on a matter, and then just behind that is a sense of a smaller more subtle picture or feeling on the matter. I really pay attention when this occurs. It’s very much like that “little voice in your head.” However, with development and practice, our intuitive sense strengthens and you will have a sense of immediate KNOWING of what the difference is and you will live more frequently and more comfortably in your intuitive mind.

When in doubt… follow your heart!

About the author:

Kim Page

Kim Page is a Speaker, Author, Mystic and a Guide who has a passion for utilizing her skills in service to the community. As a former Corporate Executive and climbing the corporate ladder over the past 25 years Kim has developed many great skills especially in the realm of leadership and coaching. Kim also has an extensive background (over 30 years) in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Group Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer and coach. She has spent the past 15 years studying Metaphysics earning a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science. The Intuitive Mind Institute located in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, is dedicated to assisting anyone who is interested is developing the power of their intuition. This is a place where… expansion happens, perceptions change, and inner wisdom is revealed.

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