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The subtle art of instant knowingness and deeper knowledge. How one develop intuition is very easy, if you work with a pendulum and practice regular meditations, your intuition will grow ten times within a month.

You must accept to trust life and Universe to guide you and bring you good thing, if you don't do that, you take the risk to close your channel to your intuition. It was said that Einstein worked at a high level of intuition that also was the case of Elmer Gates who improved more than 200 inventions. You do not need to be a genius to benefit from your intuition. You have just to listen to your inner voice. It is easy to recognize your intuition because it always communicate in present time, "wouldn't be joyful to do that now ?". Your intuition is always in communication with you, in fact your intuition is sending you precious and useful information to achieve your goals faster. Your intuition may whisper you to go to someplace and then if you do, you can meet at that place a person that will help you with your goal and make you gain precious time in your project.

There are some people that run their business solely by following their intuition. Conrad Hilton , founder of the hotel chains of the same name was like that. Hilton based his successful bid on information that he reportedly received in a dream. R.G LeTourneau (mining, forestry equipment manufacturer) was also like that , he got his fabulous ideas of machines in his dreams.

In his fantastic book Personal Power Through Awareness, Orin gives these excellent advices. Write down 3 times you successfully followed your intuition for your good. Write down at least 3 things you thinks your intuition is whispering you to do. Think of one step you could take now towards each to bring them into your life. Mark a date in your calendar when you will take this step.






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