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Instrumental Transcommunication

Instrumental Transcommunication or ITC is a technique that involve the use of electronic means to contact spirits, the term was coined by Professeur Ernst Senkowski. The machines used are typically televisions, fax machines, tape recorder, video and digital cameras. One of the pioneer of this kind of mediumship was William O'Neil, he was able see and communicate with two scientists working from the 'dead zone'. Using a modified side-band radio the voices of 'dead' scientists were captured on tape in intelligent and responsive conversations. Skeptics think that ITC recording are hoaxes. Skeptics believe that ITC is simply the free interpretation of natural phenomena.

However, it was reported that in the early 80's researchers with appropriate equipments in various countries were able to capture the pictures of 'dead' loved one. Later in the 80's a couple from Luxembourg developed with the help of spirits, a more advanced system of ITC. In October 1995, a German experimenter was able to have an ITC contact on his color TV set. ITC experimenters claim that if you want to learn to do that it is best to work with another scientist in the dead zone. Basically, you must already have some abilities for mediumship.

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