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Inspiring Story – Woman Uses Love, Successfully Thwarts Bandit

A woman worked at a convenience store.

The store wasn’t in a bad part of town, but it wasn’t the greatest either. Late one night, around closing time, the woman was tidying up. Out of nowhere, a raging bull of man burst into the store and in a booming voice demanded the woman turn over all the money to him. He yanked out a very frightening, ugly-looking, grimy gray pistol.

To the woman it looked like a bazooka. The agitated stick-up guy pointed the barrel of the ugly pistol right at the woman’s face. The woman’s reaction was total terror. Like a bolt out of the blue, she remembered what she had learned. She began to silently say “I Love you,” to the man. Silently. I love you. I love you. I love you, over and over.

Suddenly, the man’s arms fell to his side, his face softened, and he broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. He dropped the gun on the counter, wailing convulsively. Soon the police swarmed in and hauled the would-be robber away.

Imagine the drama as it was actually in progress. It’s late at night. A woman all alone. All she wants to do is finish her day and go home. Out of nowhere, an angry, desperate man is in your face, a loaded gun pointed right at your head. Is this the end of your life?

The woman began to say silently, I love you, I love you, I love you. The robber instantaneously felt the magnificent, omnipotent power of love. He didn’t know what hit him. He was literally disarmed.

What hit the robber was the power of love. The power to overcome any evil, any negativity, any problem, any wrong situation.

You too can learn to use the power of love to find solutions in your life, solutions you might never have thought of, like the woman in the story did.

The power of love can turn your life around. It can help you attain all your goals. It can give you a life you never dreamed could be so happy. You’ll find the solutions you’ve been looking for when you learn to apply love.

You know the Thoreau quotation. “Most people live lives of quiet desperation.” That’s what we usually hear. We seldom hear the complete quotation. “Most people live lives of quiet desperation and they go to the grave with the song still in them.”

Learn to apply love, open yourself up, and sing the song that is bottled up inside of you just waiting to break out. Learn to apply love, and you might just save your life, as did the woman in the story.

Get the most powerful force in the universe working for you and get your life working in ways you never imagined. Guaranteed: Your life will be the life you deserve.

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