Incarnating into Virtual Reality

As souls we zoomed in on a tiny dot called “The Universe” and were absorbed by it. Then, within the Universe we zoomed in on an even more tiny dot within, called “Planet Earth”. We then contracted our Consciousness even more by incarnating into a body. Then, on planet earth, we went into increasingly dense realities. Finally, it was offered to us to enter virtual reality, a whole new Universe within a Universe, and many got absorbed by that. Attention is energy. Absorbing attention is absorbing energy. Absorbing the attention of masses of people a type of sorcery. What consumes the most attention of humankind in these times? Answer: Virtual Reality (Internet, Movies, Artificial Settings).

The average teenager spends most of his free time in front of a 2-dimensional screen, not in the 3-dimensional world, much less in the higher “4th Dimension”. Virtual Reality will intensify over time as it becomes more three-dimensional, surround- and holo-deck like. Everyone will be connected to the world wide web. Computers will think, speak and act. You will be able to connect Biocomputers to the brain. The Diffusion of privacy which is beginning with “Google Street View”, Webcams, GPS, SearchEngines, will continue. There will be robots with artificial intelligence. Every household and every appliance will be connected to the web of inter-communication. How do I know? Because “as above, so below”. Modern technology mimics the spiritual world. The Internet mimics the metaphysical Interconnectedness of all Beings. Search Engines mimic the Akashic Chronicles, a Cosmic Library that contained information on everything. Cell Phones Mimic Telepathy. Airplanes mimic Soul-Flight. Television mimics Clairvoyance.


s in the astral and celestial realms, so on earth.  The ancients complained that our reality is merely an “Illusion” and that we should “awaken” to the “real” world. They claimed that what we consider “real life on Planet Earth” is only a dream, only a virtual reality and that by renouncing the world we could awaken to something more real. Similar will some day be taught to people who have become so lost in virtual, computer-generated worlds, that they think those worlds are “the only reality”.

A virtual world or a game would not be a problem if it werent for the Minds tendency to proclaim it “the only reality”.  Gaining perspective means noticing not only content but also context, not only seeing the details of any given reality but the framework in which it happens. This is like being enthralled by a disturbing movie, feeling emotional upheaval because of it, and then sitting back, noticing it is only a movie and becoming aware of the overall Theatre beyond the hypnotic pull of the events on the screen. The importance of the movie is re-contextualized and no longer felt as disturbing. Likewise, life is more enjoyable if you can identify (step-into) and de-identify (step out of) any focal point at will. As your attention shifts, what was previously of great importance recedes into the background and you take in a wider context from which to live life.


About the author: Fred Dodson


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