If you cannot trust a woman or a man

You wonder if you can trust her/him because you do not trust yourself. Events and behaviors aren’t the fruit of cause and effect, it is not because you couldn’t trust your ex-partner and you failed a relationship with him or her, that it is going to occur in the present, yet with the use of belief like ‘Women/Men cannot be trusted’ you use a past experience to organize your present, because telepathy exists and works you are sending your beliefs to the person you are seeing and that person will act upon the belief , people are your mirror.

If someone betray your trust, it’s because it was already inside of you, by attracting someone to act the play, you just externalise this distrust of yourself so you can see it , through someone else. However the event and the person involved are not the cause.
As long as you do not heal the lack in trust in yourself, you will attract similar experiences for you to see and observe.

The only place you can create something new is in the present in the now, in the now, you can adopt new beliefs that will change your experience. You can argue by saying and ‘ehy, but I don’t want to lie to myself I know that I cannot trust women for sure’, this reasoning is lying to yourself, you have hypnotized yourself in your belief and therefore you exclude of your experience anything that contradict your ideas, the trust of women you meet will not be apparent to you, signs of trust will be ignored or distorted to fit your belief.

Example ,you can be at a date with a girl and she can say let meet in 3 days when you want to see her tomorrow, because of your belief you may interpret that as the woman not valuing the time with you or even not trusting you, yet the only reason she accepted to see you again when she will be free in 3 days it is because she trusts you enough to spend time again with you, you only made a distortion to fit your belief. However, at a telepathic level the person you are seeing know about your trust problem, in many cases you will be allowed many chances to change especially if that person likes many of your qualities. But most of the time, the lesson may not be apparent to you and you will screw it up.

Many dating, sex, and relationship issues, stress, dis-ease, fear-based emotions, etc. can be dealt with on a surface \ “band-aid\ ” level with tools known as NLP, hypnosis, psycho-analysis, and so on, but the fact remains that unless the Chakras are opened and balanced, the old imbalances tend to resurface time and again.

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