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If you are addicted to masturbation ….

There is a
difference between a belief and a known, a belief is something you associated
with , you can change it and modify it. A known is something true that cannot
be changed.

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is the integration of known into your being. When an idea becomes a known, you
no longer think of it, you will act upon it, but it will be so much of you that
you wont see a separation.

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The need of
masturbation and the addiction to p0rn are things, we do to have a sense of
self-love. When you realize that those things are only there to have a sense of
being loved or feelings love, you can let go of them, it becomes a known , you
will not need that anymore. Through the
act of orgasm , Man can briefly have a communion , a glimpse with his Godself
Love, the All that is , the Universal Love. However it will be on a very
distorted and limited form.

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is another way to maintain an illusory sense of being loved. If you fancy
someone you may have built many fantasies with you and that person. The
fantasies will generate inside you the artificial illusion that you are loved.
Fantasies serve another purpose too, the purpose to stay in control and to keep
attachment to the other person.

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is fear of losing the thing you are attached, however what you fear are likely
to manifest, like attracts like, when you fantasy about someone you are
sending your energy to that person, the
person is always with you at an energy level, the other person may have enough
of you because you are making that person suffocating at an energy level. The
person will find an excuse to run away
from you and your energy. Stop fantasying and withdraw all attention see what
happens, the person will sense the absence of your energy and here the
attraction begins.

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If you stay
in the Now, you will not be concerned about fantasies , you will be concerned
with you and your evolution and enjoying the moment.

Many dating, sex, and relationship issues, stress, dis-ease, fear-based emotions, etc. can be dealt with on a surface \ “band-aid\ ” level with tools known as NLP, hypnosis, psycho-analysis, and so on, but the fact remains that unless the Chakras are opened and balanced, the old imbalances tend to resurface time and again.

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