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Huna technique of manifestation

Below for your education purpose is the Huna manifesting process.

Step 1. Set clearly your intention : for example 'I want to live in New Zealand near the sea and be a writer and live of my writing'. Visualize what you want clearly as much as you can.

Step 2. Examine if this really what you want , play the what if game. Examine if your plan interfere with someone plan or wish.

Step 3. Forgive yourself and remove any blocks, if you have not already what you want it is because of blocks, if you have conflicting beliefs about money for example you cannot except to manifest large amount of it.

If you have a feeling of guilt, Max Freedom Long the specialist about Huna , used this process : Fast during three days until 1 o clock at the end of the fast period give a gift to someone in need or a charity organization, the gift must be big enough to hurt you a little bit. This will impress your low self, it will balance your feelings of guilt because you have paid back.

Step 4. Visualize what you want daily keep it firmly in your mind, until it manifest itself.

According to Otha Wingo Of the Huna Research Associates, you must also absorb mana the Kahuna word for Prana, Chi or Ki, and send mana to your visualization to make the thought form stronger. This technique is almost similar to the techniques taught by Shakti Gawain in 'creative visualization' and Melta Denning in 'Practical guide to creative visualization'

Recommended Reading:

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