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Huna:Fire Walking

Nowadays, firewalk has become a big amusement of our society for a couple of bucks many experts will teach you how to firewalk, you will find many of them that will teach you this skill for free.

Firewalk was long time a mystery until recently. The Kahuna magicians were experts in firewalking they did it for centuries , they used to fire-walk on red hot lava. Their ritual is like this, they tie ti leaves on their feet (ti is a plant from Polynesia ) and make chants for the gods. When they finish to chant they simply walk over the fire. During the walking no sensation of heat is felt in the feet only on the face. The kahunas give credit for their firewaling to three elements consciousness, force and invisible matter.

Skeptics in the other have their own physical explanation, firewalking because firewalkers walk on matters that are poor heat conductor and if you walk fast enough you won't get burned, ti leaves may slow the heat to propagate at faster rate. But, it is known that the record of firewalking without being burned was on a distance of 167 feet. A number of people according to firewalking.com have walked a 40-foot coal bed, back and forth, without leaving the coals, 13 times: accomplishing a 520-foot firewalk.. New Agers think that firewalk is the victory of mind over fears and the body.

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