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The Human Aura

The human aura is energy field that is the envelop of others energy systems such as meridians, chakras, nadis, etc .. The human aura is multilayered some energy clairvoyants people can see the aura with the eyes, they are able to spot unbalance and disease even before the disease manifest physically, they do so by looking at the dark or weak spot of the aura. The aura can also be seen by a process called Kirlian photography that consist to use a high frequency electric current. The aura is known to follows the law of harmonic inductance and sympathetic resonance, this is the phenomenon you can observe when you strike a tuning fork and one near it will begin to vibrate at the same frequency rate. When someone is listening to music his aura change to match the vibrations of the sound and harmony.

As people investigate the human aura they perceive it differently than one another. Therefore they tend to develop different system to define the auric field. One of the popular system is developed by Barbara Ann Brennan and define the aura with seven layers. The aura according to Donna Eden (author of Energy Medicine) serves as a two-way antenna that brings Chi-energy from the environment into your chakras and sends energy from your chakras outward. You aura can easily be affected by negative emotions and psychic pollution, arguments, trauma, fights, EMF (electro-magnetic field from TV and computer screen) can affect your aura in a negative way. Taking care of your aura is one of the best thing you can do. They are plenty of devices and tapes to do it. Among the most popular are aura-cleansing tapes, crystals and pendants.

A simple exercise you can do to perceive your aura is called the 180 degrees gaze.

You will have to widen your field of vision to at least 180 degrees .

Keep your eyes open as long as possible without blinking; any watering of the eyes is harmless and normal, but if you have difficulty by all means stop. Do not look at any special object, be mentally aware of what you can perceive toward the corners of your eyes. It helps sometimes to press the eyes slightly forward during the exercise. This automatically takes them out of focus. When you can do this sort of gaze properly proceed to the next step.

Place to two empty glasses on a empty table, approximately 8 inches ( 20 centimeters) apart. Put yourself in position that you can see both glasses.

Now be aware of both glasses at the same time, using the 180 degrees gaze. After a while, shift you attention to the gap in between rather than watching the glasses themselves. Pay attention to what you perceive, do not make judgment just pay attention. Perhaps you may observe a moving shapes, colored theards of light pulsating between the glasses. Record your observations and make this exercises as often as you can .

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