How your intuition contributes to your success

Have you ever had a gut feeling or sensed that you were supposed to do something?

Ever get the impression that you should call a certain friend and find out that person needed some support at that particular moment?

Have you felt prompted to give a monetary gift to a person and later found out that they were in desperate need?

If you have ever felt an inner voice whispering, nudging, or prompting you, that is your intuition, or the voice of your spirit.  It is not a physical entity, but an eternal, spiritual entity that is full of love, wisdom, and so much more.

Characteristics of intuition

Intuition is gentle and subtle.

Intuition whispers.  You will not hear it screaming or pleading with you.  As you go throughout your day, your intuition is whispering things to you.  In order to hear, you must keep a peaceful demeanor and thoughtfully listen to the voice of your spirit.

Intuition is spontaneous.

You can hear from your spirit at anytime and oftentimes unexpectedly. You could be right in the middle of talking to your coworker and your intuition could be telling you that she is struggling with a major problem and needs to talk about it.  This could prompt you to ask her if there is anything bothering her and open the door for her to talk to you.

Intuition is a real force.

It is not just a thought. Intuition is a real spiritual force that gently guides and directs.  You can become so in tune to your spirit if you will take the time to learn how to hear and recognise its nudging.

Intuition is not striving or feelings of urgency.  If you are feeling pressed, rushed, needy, or anxious, it is not because of intuition.

Intuition is associated more with right brain.

The left side of the brain is associated with thoughts, but the right brain is associated more with imagination.  Your intuition plays more of a role through the right brain, impressing images in the minds eye.

Meditation and visualisation are wonderful ways to become more in tune with your intuition and operate more from the right side of the brain.  Take time daily to meditate or sit in silence and visualise.  Allow your intuition to show you things via images and also listen for intuition to speak to you.

Intuition always works

Whether you see the results of your intuition in power or not, it always works.  You may never know many of the ways intuition led you to safety or kept you from harm.  Perhaps the day you decided for some reason to go home a back route saved you an accident on the highway.

Intuition is always available

Because you are your spirit, intuition is always available.  It is so easy to forget about the spiritual aspect of life and get caught up in the non-physical.  Go to work, come home, cook dinner, do the chores, etc. – it can get quite busy!

Busyness diminishes the ability to really hear intuition.  Learn to take some time each day to do nothing.  Even if it is 15 minutes, just shut yourself away with no phone, no computer, no television, and no people.  This time will be completely devoted to your spiritual well-being.  Grab a journal and just sit still for that time.  Take a few deep breaths and relax. Let the worries and concerns melt away.

Just listen. Listen to what your core self wants to tell you.  The authentic you – your spirit – wants to be primary.  Write down your thoughts. Write down your dreams.  Write down anything you hear during that time. Make that time sacred.

You will begin to notice life in a different way.  You may find yourself more relaxed and happy.  You may feel more inclined to give and receive love.  The possibilities are endless.

Intuition is ready and willing to be a major part of your life and contribute to your success.  It can cause you to take the right road as opposed to the wrong one, to work for the right employer instead of a dishonest one, and it will encourage you to continue to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.

You may be led to a book that will revolutionise your business, a person that volunteers to mentor you, or a job opportunity that you’ve dreamed of your whole life. Your intuition wants to contribute to your success.

Let today be the day you commit to taking more time to listen to your intuition.  Allow intuition to contribute to your success internally and externally.

Author: Tony Fahkry

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