How to use the theta state to enhance your creativity

The number one block to creativity is wanting to figure out. The more you look for ideas and inspiration the less you have it.
Have you noticed that the people who have non-stop brilliant ideas aren’t to figure out. They are not thinking about it. The new ideas are coming simply by themselves.

The secret to creativity is two folds.

1 – Follow your joy. As you follow your joy the ideas will come by themselves very easily one after another. It is important to act out on these ideas otherwise you take the risk to block the flow of new ideas. If you embrace your bliss and you actually act on the inspiration you receive then you will see. You will not have any creativity problem.

2 – Let go of apprehension. If you are hesitant to follow your joy are basically resisting who you truly are. It is by following your joy that you are yourself. So stop resisting who you are.
Having an inspiration problem is merely having a resistance problem. At some point, you blocked the flow of ideas.
Maybe, the idea wasn’t good enough ?
Maybe, you waited for a better idea ?
Maybe, you saved your idea for later ?

Do not save anything for later. You are alive today not later. If you have an idea at least do something that go in the manifestation of that idea. Write it down , see how you can make it real etc…

The two tips above should suffice. Now, here it is how to use the help of brainwave entrainment for your own creativity. It has been scientifically tested by researchers in EEG neurofeedback treatment. An increase in theta brainwaves during a meditation or a specific “theta training” create a state that encourage creativity.

You can make your own theta training very easily.
1 – Choose a theme. A good theme will be “Being myself”.
You see the people with big creative success they are really themselves.

2 – Choose a CD/mp3 to meditate at least 15 minutes to at least 30 minutes.
They are many 28 minutes, 30 minutes and 45 minutes CD/mp3 out there.

3 – Find some a quiet place to relax where you will not be disturbed. Relaxing is very easy if you decide to let it go. Just do not bring all your baggages into the relaxation. There is a good exercise from the Monroe Institute. Take a few deep breathes and imagine that you put all your problems, issues and present thoughts into a bag. Visualize this bag flying away from you and tell yourself that you relax more and more.

If resistance pop up as thoughts or feelings just tell yourself “I accept XYZ that your feeling or thinking”.

Ask yourself the release question :”Can I ask what I’m feeling right now ?”

As you feel more relax let your imagination guide you, what would you if you were YOU ?

(YOU without shame, guilt and fear.)

If you have pocket of shame , guilt and fear, you are blocking your creativity.
A good way to release these feelings is to let bring them up , feel them, breath them and let them pass through you , let them go.

Another is to ask so what ?

I feel shame because I didn’t brush my teeth this morning ..
So what ?
My colleague will think bad about me
So what ?
I will lose them as a friend.
So what ?
I will be rejected maybe I miss a promotion.
So what ?
I risk to make less money.
So what ?
I don’t want to make less money and lose friends over this. Its ridiculous.
So what ?
From here you will see that it get more absurd and funny. As your laughing at your answers you are also releasing. 🙂

Have fun!
Meditation at the beach

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