How to use creative visualisation

seaside town In my last post, I explained how I used the law of attraction to manifest my ideal lifestyle. In this post, I’m going to explain step by step the exact creative visualisation technique I used. If you have not read the previous article read it first, it will help you to have a clear intention about what you want.

It is an exercise that it is best done at night before falling asleep. Because this is the last thing you do before falling asleep, your mind is going to take that information and work on it.

Your subconscious mind will work the information in two ways. One it will create that reality the best it can by passing this information to your higher-self. The higher-self is the real creator of your reality.

The other way, your subconscious mind, will work the information is that it will show you, your resistances, limiting beliefs toward your preferred reality.
It will come under the form of strange dreams about the things you have to let go.

An example: A woman would like to manifest the partner of her dream. She uses the creative visualisation technique to create that reality as I will describe below. But then she had recurring dreams where she was challenged to forgive a man, she knew in the past. She understood that her refusal to forgive has a created an aura of resentment about men around her and it prevents her to attract what she wants.

She quickly lets go of that resistance by forgiving the man she saw in her dream. Just doing that open a door that was closed. Now, she is much more likely to attract her ideal partner because she removed her resistance.

I personally used the creative visualisation technique to manifest a partner at some points and I had several dreams where I had to come to term with issues of shame, guilt and anger. When I did that, my partner appeared in my life overnight. You can use EFT or the releasing technique from Larry Crane to let go of resistance. I use both.

The technique of creative visualisation is itself very easy to put in practice. Every night before falling asleep the last thing, you will do is to visualize as best as you can your ideal lifestyle, your perfect reality. If you start on a Monday then you visualize your ideal Monday from your preferred reality, then the next day, you continue where you previously stopped. After a week, you will have created an entire week of your ideal life from Monday to Sunday.

At first, your visualisation may not be clear and you may have difficulty to form coherent pictures but overtime the clarity of your visualisation will get better.

Do not ask for when and how, you will get it, your conscious mind is not equipped to answer that only your Higher Self knows these answers.

You are really doing this exercise to put yourself in the frequency of your preferred reality. As you become equal to the frequency of your preferred reality, you will magnetize it into your life. Like attracts like.

My creative visualisation sessions were 30 minutes long, it was the length of the relaxing music CD I used during this exercise. I start by visualizing the day from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. I remember when I visualized my ideal life, I was often confused about living by the sea or by the hillsides.

So I imagined that I was at my balcony in some sessions I saw the sea and in some other sessions I saw the hills.
Well, the Universe gave me both the sea and the hills. I manifested a nice apartment by the sea and there were also hills all around.

seaside town with hill

How long do you have to visualise your ideal life? You have to do it until you have a feeling that it is planted in the Universe. You will know it when it will happen for you because this is a distinct state that is devoid of doubts.
Back in 1998 when I was a student, I visualised by ideal life as a computer programmer at the best company in my town. I also visualised that I lived in one of the best neighborhood in town.
It took 6 months of visualisation then I felt it was “planted.” Back, late 1999, I was living what I had imagined.
In 2007, I wanted a new change in my life and that time it took only 3 months of visualisation. The 2007 visualisation was bigger in scope than the one in 1998, it involved moving in a new country, living a nice place and making a living from passive income. Yet, it manifested quicker. I believe it is because I also practiced forgiveness and self-love.

When you practise forgiveness and self-love, you are basically saying “YES!” to yourself and the Universe will conspire to give you what you want even faster because you have less resistance. As a matter of fact, the 2007 visualisation didn’t bring me dreams showing my resistances, on the other hand, I had a lucid dream where I saw the place I would live months later.

I sincerely encourage you to give a shot at creative visualisation. You have nothing to lose. The question is never will it work or not. You have to make it works and you do that by sticking to your visualization and letting go of resistances as they arise.

Law of attraction specialists Greg & Alvin developed a great system of dream programming and subconscious mind programming to help you to achieve your ideal life. You can watch their video presentation here. I really like the story they gave about the guy who used creative visualisation to heal himself of cancer.