How to reach the theta state

how to become psychicMany people want to reach the theta state I believe it was famed in the 70’s by people like Jose Silva back then it was all about alpha state now it is theta.

What benefits people get when they are in the theta state ?

A bit of history, when Jose Silva discovered the possibilities of altered state of consciousness his life took a turn for the best, the theta state Silva, put himself into enabled him to bring more of his Natural Self, as a result, he had a great source of inner guidance. He even won the lottery by the receiving the winning numbers during a session in the theta state.

The possibility to bring more of the total “YOU” in your waking identity is alone worth to learn to be in the theta state.

Another great benefit of exploring the theta state is the fluidity associated with it, creativity and association are a lot faster and clearer in the theta state. When you are in the theta state, you usually have less worries and the ability considerably reduce stress. The fluidity and the stress-free state allow to focus and imagine solution to problems with no showstopper such as doubt, anxiety and any other inhibitor. Basically, the theta state can be used for problems solving and creativity.

It is easier to focus your thoughts in the direction of your preferred reality when you are in a comfortable theta state. Your ego  will not oppose as much resistance as during your waking state where the ego usually dominate.

If you like techniques such as creative visualization, the theta state provides the perfect condition for it.

It is easier to reach theta with the use brainwave entrainment technology in CD or MP3 (Those are CD/mp3 specifically designed to assist you to go in a particular state), however, if you fail to have the appropriate level of physical and mental relaxation you won’t reach theta level at best you will have a comfortable alpha state (7 to 14 cycles per second).

Below is a procedure that I have used to put myself in a deep theta state and sometime even deeper. If you do not use a brainwave entrainment CDs, you will have to pay particular attention to your physical relaxation. Deep relaxation is really important. Take your time to relax well.

When I started this technique I didn’t have any CD to help, so it does work without a CD, however, your body needs to be accustomed more than one try will be required.

A high quality brainwave entrainment CD can help you to reach the theta state even during your first session.

Personally, I had great success with Brainsync Ecstasy, Immarama Insight, Hemi-sync Human Plus Sweetdreams, Mindtek Ultra-Meditation CD 2 and the Gateway Experience, I had poor results with The Brainwave Suites, Mindtek Eternity.

If you work with a CD choose the one you like, I haven’t tested everything.

A few years ago, I was doing my theta meditation and something funny occurred.

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I imagined myself shopping in various shops with a girl, I had met recently at a bar where she was working as a waitress. The same day, I went to a party and strangely the girl from the bar was there, she saw me and directly came to me and said ..”We were supposed to meet, that was our destiny”.

She asked me my name when I told her my name she replied by saying that if she had a son she wishes to call him my name. It was interesting because she never manifested any interest in me prior to that. I assume that the expression of appreciation (visualizing having fun and a good time) during my meditation session did something good for us.

If you have a grudge toward someone, maybe, expressing appreciation to that person may help you.

Have you ever heard of Elmer Gates? He was a psychologist and an inventor. He developed a system of generating ideas outlined in the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Elmer Gates system involves being a deep relaxed state and allowing ideas or solutions to problems to come. In the case, of Elmer Gates and many others, it worked very well. Elmer Gates had well over forty U.S patents.

So you see it is cool to master a few meditations in theta state.

Here, we go:

Lay down on your bed and close your eyes.

Tell yourself my arms and my legs are warm and heavy. Repeat one more time.

Tell yourself my arms and my legs are getting warmer and heavier. Repeat one more time.

Tell yourself my arms and my legs are completely warm and heavy. Repeat one more time.

Tell your self my heartbeat is slow, and I’m relaxed

Say to you I breath slowly and I’m relaxed

Say to you, I remove all tensions and tiredness from my face and neck. (Here, you can tailor this; go to all your head part one by one, it has proven to very useful )

Do the above procedure one more time.

Take 3 to 6 slow deep breaths, the point is to feel a comfortable relaxation.

When you feel the relaxation occurring imagine a stream of light coming from the bottom (if it helps you can imagine coming it from the center of the Earth), the energy enter the plant of your feet and goes up to your head.

Can you Imagine a stream of energy flowing down from the above. You can imagine the energy coming from the sun if you want. Let it enters your head and goes down to your feet. You can imagine this energy forming a cocoon around you.

Note: If you have been trained in Robert Bruce Energy Work method you can do, 10 to 15 minutes of the full body circuit charging which is even better)

Now, you will have to count slowly backward from 100 to 1, do the deep breath while you count.

When you get to 1, visualize yourself walking in a meadow, a beach or any beautiful landscape.

Put your point of your focus between in your eyes and think of the beautiful landscape here let the imagination do the work if you have done properly, hypnagogic imagery of the beautiful landscape will appear in front of you; it will be like the pictures from a dream. Some of you aren’t visual in some case; you will see nothing but you will have feelings for the beautiful landscape, it isn’t necessary to see just have the perception is sufficient.

Now, you are in theta, Enjoy !

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