How to Raise Your Vibration and Shape Your Life

We have entered a new era in human understanding. Modern science
and ancient wisdom have converged in a consciousness-shifting
realization. It is now known that, at the most fundamental level,
“everything is energy. ” We are energetic beings in a Universal Energetic
Field. Because of that profound understanding, we stand at a turning
point in human development.

We can now join the wisdom of ancient
energy practices with the validation of modern science to take the next
step in human evolution. Energetic training is that next step. This
article describes how you can train your energetic vibration and shape
your reality using Core Energy Meditation(TM).

Core Energy
Meditation(TM) is an easy-to-learn skill. In as little as 20 minutes a
day, you can learn to shift into a positive inner state and achieve
greater health, happiness, and success in your life. Whether you want to
de-stress, find inner peace and joy, or realize deeper meaning and
greater abundance, the first step is to learn how to raise your

To understand how this works, let’s look at a key insight from the emerging energetic view of reality.

The Law of Attraction

sign that energy consciousness has moved into the mainstream is the
phenomenal success of the hit movie, “The Secret. ” Because of this
movie, many people have become interested in specifically how to use the
secret to achieve better results in their lives.

The heart of The
Secret is “The Law of Attraction. ” In effect, this law says that:
“energetic vibrations tend to attract like vibrations. ” For instance, if
you cultivate prosperity consciousness, you will tend to attract
prosperous circumstances. The more strongly, positively, clearly, and
coherently you can maintain your intended vibration, the greater its’
organizing and attracting force.

People have tried various
techniques to realize The Law of Attraction’s power in their lives.
These techniques include affirmation, visualization, goal-setting, and
positive thinking. Anecdotal evidence suggests that success has been
limited. Does that mean The Law of Attraction doesn’t work? Or is
something else going on here?

While the above techniques can be
powerful, I suggest that, by themselves, they don’t work deeply enough.
They’re best used in conjunction with deeper energetic techniques. To
explain that, imagine your being in three layers: surface consciousness,
subconscious, and subtle energy system.

Briefly, surface
consciousness consists of the thoughts, feelings, intentions, and
actions that you are aware of. Your subconscious contains the thoughts,
feelings, beliefs, programs, and processes that go on beneath your
conscious awareness. Your subtle energy system is your primary layer of
interaction in the Universal Energetic Field. This layer underlies and
gives birth to the other layers of your Being.

Energy Work

Law of Attraction works on the subtle energetic level. To consciously
use the Law of Attraction to create the life you desire, you need to
work at this level. Many techniques are based on working with yourself
as energy. From acupuncture and homeopathy, to Reiki and Therapeutic
Touch, to t’ai chi, yoga, and qigong, you can intervene at the energetic
level in a variety of ways. Energy meditation is a most powerful

However, many systems of energy meditation are highly
complex and require countless hours and years of devotion to master.
Given the hectic pace of modern life, most of us need a more efficient,
yet still effective approach. We need what energetic practice has to
offer, but it has to fit into our busy schedules.

Enter Core
Energy Meditation(TM). It combines the ancient secrets of qigong with
cutting-edge research on the heart and brain in a simple, time-efficient
practice. Simply stated, it is the most effective transformational tool
that I know.

Your Energetic Anatomy

Core Energy
Meditation(TM) works through your energetic anatomy to develop and
integrate your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Your energetic anatomy
consists of a system of energy centers, pathways, and points that
distribute life energy throughout your body. When life energy flows
smoothly through this network, you experience health, happiness, and the
fulfillment of your highest potential. When smooth energy flow is
disrupted, the result is tension, disease, and the dampening of your

Though your energetic anatomy is a complex network,
there are four simple features that affect your entire energy system.
When you open, clear, and develop these four energetic features, you
positively shift your overall vibration. These features are three energy
centers (Body, Heart, and Mind Centers) and a pathway that runs through
all three (the Central Channel).

Your Body Center is in the
middle of your lower abdomen and is associated with your physical
vitality. Your Heart Center is in the middle of your chest and is
associated with positive feelings and relationships in the world. Your
Mind Center is in the middle of your brain and is associated with higher
awareness and your ability to clear and focus your mind. The Central
Channel runs through the middle of your body, from the top of your head
down through all three energy centers to your perineum (between genitals
and anus). It is associated with energetic coherence and spiritual

Shaping Your Reality

In Core Energy
Meditation(TM) you open, clear, and energize your energy centers and
connect them through the Central Channel. In this way, you activate the
potential of each center and integrate them for harmonious function.
Core Energy Meditation(TM) relaxes and aligns your body, opens and
attunes your heart, clears and focuses your mind, and strengthens your
sense of spiritual connection. This raises the strength, quality,
clarity, and coherence of your energetic vibration and puts you in what I
call a Core Energy State.

A Core Energy State is the perfect
vibratory state from which you can use the Law of Attraction. When you
visualize, feel, and affirm one of your ideal possibilities from a Core
Energy State you interact with the Universal Field in a powerful way to
shape your reality.

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Schoeninger graduated from Villanova University in 1986 with a Master’s
Degree in Philosophy. He is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong
Meditation Instructor, and Personal Fitness Trainer. His lifework is
self-development and spiritual growth through daily practice.

has worked with clients in the field of holistic fitness, meditation
instruction, and spiritual growth for the past 27 years.

He is
Editor of and the author of the “Learn Qigong
Meditation Home Study Program, ” “The Power of Practice Program, ” and
the visionary novel, “Trackings: A Message for the Third Millenium. “
Kevin is also the developer of Core Energy Meditation.

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