How to Lucid Dream Tonight

Simply speaking, a lucid dream is a dream in which a person is aware that he/her is dreaming and is able to consciously manipulate dreams, i.e. to shape them into a desired content. The very term lucid dreaming was coined by the Dutch writer and psychiatrist Frederick van Eeden in the beginning of 20th Century.

Lucid dreams can start in two ways. The first one is a dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) that begin as a normal dream and the person concludes it is a dream. The second one is a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) that happens when the dreamer is transferred from a normal waking state directly into a state of dreaming and is conscious about it.

In order to achieve lucid dreaming you should program yourself with a trigger to make you aware when you are dreaming, to take control over it, meaning to become lucid. The best proven way of doing this is by having a habit of making regular reality checks during the day. A reality check means to stop what you are doing at the moment and check the reality level of the situation in which you are. It is very simple. Every time you do a reality check, you can ask yourself:

  • Is this a normal situation; is there something strange about it?
  • Can you fly? Try floating around.
  • Try to close your eyes. This is a dead giveaway –you cannot close your eyes in astral realm.

In order to become effective, this reality checking must become habitual. When you are doing a reality check during some dream, you will realize that you are dreaming and able to take the control over the dream. The important thing here is to affirm to yourself that you will remember everything from the dream. You can repeatedly tell yourself, “I have to remember this when I wake up.”

One of the keys for a successful reality check is to have a good trigger. It is recommended to make something you would normally do many times during the day. Any kind of habitual action would be great. Here are few ideas:

  1. Do a reality check every time you look at your watch. A
  2. lso, set the timer to beep hourly and when it happens, do a reality check.
  3. A wrist watch is the most effective.

Every time when you look at your hands, do a reality check.

If you are a smoker, every time you light a cigarette, do a reality check. It is interesting that if you are an habitual smoker, you will find your self reaching for a cigarette during the dream.

It, of course, takes some time to make you trigger habitual, but it is usually no longer than two weeks. It will also help you to do affirmations before sleeping. For example “I will remember to look at my wrist watch.”

When you are in a lucid dream, if you want to change it to a real time projection, it is good to become aware of your physical body. If you are able sense it, you are also able to return to any time location. This can be difficult and may end the dream experience completely, but with the time you will learn to deal with it. However, we recommend you to enjoy the lucid dreams as they appear. Even communal dream pools are colorful places with lots of fun, so you will see all kind of wonderful and weird things and experience many adventures.

The dream recollection is your ability to remember dreams, so a good dream recall is often the first step towards lucid dreaming. In order to improve their dream recall, many people keep a dream journal, recording dreams the moment they wake up. It is good to write the dreams quickly as there is a normal tendency to forget what has been dreamt. Keep your eyes closed while remembering the dreams and write your dream journal in present tense.

If you are not satisfied with the dream pool you are in and want to enter something more exciting for you, you can change your reality location. Here are few ways to help you do this:

  • Take a close look at your hands and watch them melt. It is worth doing just to see this phenomenon of hands melting.
  • Spin around until you feel yourself disorientated.
  • Visualize the place you would like to visit. This is instantaneous travel and it will most probably move you to a dream pool similar to the visualized destination.
  • Fly as fast as you can. Even if this does not change your reality location, you will experience an amazing space flight.
  • Try to walk into a mirror, painting or picture. This is the same as a virtual reality projection.

All these techniques are designed to trick your subconsciousness through intentional disorientation. The point is to find a reality location, a lucid dreaming where you can experience all possibilities of this beautiful ability all humans have.

Have an awesome experience!

Steve G. Jones is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy. In order to keep up with the very latest in research, he regularly attends training conferences. Learn more by visiting:

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