How to Have an Out of Body Experience Basics

Information abounds regarding how to have an out of body experience. Some of what’s out there is great, and some, while well-meaning, can be confusing or misleading. We’re going to begin to peek behind the veil here and de-mystify the out of body experience.

If you’ve read anything about the subject, you’ll know that relaxation is the first step. Before we go any further, this is a good time to establish a rule of thumb: tailor all of this to what personally works for you. The subject of relaxation is a perfect example. Some guides will tell you to go into a dark and silent room. While that may work splendidly for some, other people may feel a certain unease in such a setting, as if there’s an unsaid pressure to…RELAX! If you’re that type of person, you’ll know what I mean. While we certainly want to set a mood for our out of body experience and free ourselves of distractions, please consider what works best for you. For example, some people respond well to soothing, instrumental music in the background. The only thing that I categorically recommend against is having anything violent or negative on in the background, be it on the TV, stereo or anything else. We want to provide a bedrock of positive energy for this.

Several other factors come to mind when we consider how to have an out of body experience. Neither being too hungry, nor being stuffed right after a big meal, are recommended. Eating any foods close to beginning your session that contain caffeine or a high sugar content is also a no-no. Beginning at a time other than when you normally fall asleep will help as well. If you have a place in your home where you usually meditate, then that will serve you well for the out of body session. Only use your bed if you are confident you will not fall asleep there. Of course, you don’t want to be disturbed, so attend to anything that may do so prior to beginning. As for other people present with you: it’s not at all necessary. If you wish to have someone in the room with you, make sure it’s someone you trust completely.

Okay, so we’ve cleared any possible distractions, set a comfortable environment, and have prepped ourselves with certain things to help us relax and let go. Now what? First, don’t have any expectations, especially if it’s your first time. No matter what, the relaxation and meditation you’re doing is healthy and beneficial. Even if seemingly nothing happens the first few times, just know you’re building new spiritual and energetic muscles. These will help you achieve fuller and deeper experiences in the near future.

As you are laying down, use breath and your attention to focus on different body parts. We’ve all heard variations on this, so if you already have a technique that you know can give you that sense of relaxed awareness, by all means, do that. For those less familiar, the basic idea is to relax each part of your body individually. You can start at the feet and work your way up to your head, or vice versa. Some people simply put all of their attention on the body part. Imagine feeling a warm glow or picturing a bright light enveloping a given body part (you audio people out there could also imagine hearing a hum of energy). Some people find they like to tense each body part for a few seconds and then release. Here’s a little secret though: the brain has certain chemistry and vibrational states that are optimal for out of body experiences. In fact, the brain has certain chemistry and vibrational states that align with any state. The brain while angry is different from the brain while making love, or while doing a math equation. The same holds for what we think of as mystical states. Binaural beats, an audio meditation technology using headphones, can guide the brain into different states for different purposes. Yes, there are some terrific audio meditations specifically for out of body experiences.

After the initial relaxation technique above, we’re going to go one step further. We will do so by focusing on the chakras. Chakra simply means “wheel,” and there are seven primary chakras, or wheels of energy, that are placed vertically along your body, up your spine. They are not visible to the naked eye, but they’re there. Interestingly, each of the seven major chakras correspond with a physical gland. This chakra system comes from the Hindus. Most of the world’s cultures have different ways to describe the energy flows in the human body, but they all echo one another. Remember, as we explore how to have an out of body experience, we are dealing with the subtle body, not just your physical body. The subtle body is another way to look at your subconscious or higher self. Whenever we feel or sense something that is not acutely physical, the subtle body is involved. Ultimately what we are doing here is consciously separating the awareness of the subtle body from the location of your physical body. Some even believe there are more to dreams than we think, and that we separate these bodies every night as we dream! No matter what, do not fear you “won’t come back,” nothing like that is going on here.

Back to the chakras. We’re going to use a similar process to the body part relaxation technique. The first chakra is at the root of the spine. It grounds us to the earth and connects us to the energies of survival. Its color is red. Focus on it, feel the warmth. After a few moments, bring your focus up to the sacral chakra, halfway between your pubic bone and belly button. It is your creativity and sexual energy. It is orange. Next move the awareness up the solar plexus. This is your willpower, your personality energy. It is yellow. Next up is the heart in the center of the chest. This is your love, your gratitude. It connects the upper and lower chakras and is green. After a few moments of energizing the heart, gently push the energy up into the throat chakra, your seat of communication. It is blue, your expression of truth. Free your natural voice. Next up is the third eye in the middle of your brow. Here resides your intuition. It is indigo. The seventh, final chakra is at the top of your head, the crown chakra. It is violet and connects you to the Ultimate, Nameless. It is pure consciousness. Feel free to cycle back down now. You can repeat this chakra amplification a few times. It’s great for mind, body, and spirit. Think of it like a battery charge. It will rev you up as you are feeling out how to have an out of body experience.

Once our energy centers are warmed up and humming, we’ll want to start feeling the subtle, astral body more fully. Allow yourself to experience the sensation where you’re about to physically move, but don’t. Try it for individual body parts. Then, try it for your whole body. That sensation will train you to more aptly feel your astral body, the part of you that will remain conscious and be able to travel to other parts of this world, or other worlds entirely. It’s like your little personal capsule that allows you to ride the radio waves of the universe, tuning in to varying frequencies. To aid your learning how to have an out of body experience, also add this: in your imagination, picture yourself (astrally) up by your ceiling, looking down at your own body. Sure, it may just be your imagination at first, but it’s important. Even professional athletes mentally rehearse prior to events. The benefits are numerous. Once you get used to this, picture a place in the world you may want to see in your out of body experience. Focusing on a picture prior to your session will help. You may also want a picture taped to the wall to occasionally open your eyes and glance at. This trains your mind to focus, saying, “this is where I want to go.”

Well, those techniques should certainly get you started!

I look forward to adding more useful info soon!

Kris Benetto is an avid explorer of the spiritual and metaphysical, seeking the truth behind many of life’s mysteries.

The above practices will benefit your overall health and set a great foundation as you explore how to have an out of body experience []. For more knowledge and resources, please click on that link!


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