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How To Harmonize A House With Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the earth measure; it is about measuring the projection of the sun onto the earth. By using the ancient measurements around the house we can create total harmony. We can use earth acupuncture to hold these points with rocks or triskeles buried into the earth. Triskeles neutralize EMF and raise vibration. We place them in 4 points around the house and in 3 places inside the house. Triskeles are energy wheels that create a vortex and when place on sacred points it takes the energy underneath the house and transforms and balances the energy. They are a shape found in many traditions (Celtic, Hindu, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Native American).

How do they function to clear a house?

They are energy converters, you need the sacred measurements underneath for it to work. The stronger the energy underneath it creates an equal strength in balancing. Once you have your 3 triskeles up you will get a special structure that appears called a triple enclosure, this will surround the outside of the house. The three first ones are inside the auras. After the clearing anything that left cannot come back. This is how sacred places were protected.


A. Find the most noxious energy
B. Look for earth energy
C. Look for the subterraneous water vein

Energy creates a depression in the electromagnetic field of the earth where the water line or vein is. If you sit on this energy it will have an effect on your body – especially Endocrine glands.

A. When you sit on a subterranean river it effects the adrenal glands and thyroid. This happens to compensate for the stress affected by the water.
B. The other glands are functioning at lesser energy.
C. This is why we want to look for water underground.
D. When the water circulates in rock they rub against each the stone and create electrical micro currents and this causes depression.
E. How do you feel them? The edge of the water is very disturbed.
F. In the middle where the spirals meet we have a cold area.
G. You will feel water in your kidneys, bladder, thyroid or throat. This is your confirmation.
H. You might also have an itchy feeling in your eyes.
I. An intense cold in the kidneys or the feeling you want to urinate.
J. Water charges people very easily. Make sure you take a bath in 2 handfuls of sea-salt for at least 15 min. (The kind of energy we are working with is very contaminating. We open ourselves to pathogenic energy so we can feel them.)
K. Trees absorb pathogenic energy.


Dry faults are an excess of energy created by the rubbing of stones together. They do not have water. This creates a noxious energy. It can be the geopathology of some cancer particularly if the energy is oriented from east to west. The problem is worse with electromagnetic energy interference. Electrical interference can come from:

A. Transformer
B. House uses electricity, the excess goes out the transformer down into the earth and back to the transformer
C. If there is a fault dry or with water the electricity will follow the path odf least resistance back to the transformer.
D. There are to types of faults Wet and dry.
E. Dry faults effect lungs (put your rods at lung level)
F. Dry faults have warm energy with no coolness
G. Keep in mind that a net is relatively straight and a fault fluctuates more like a zig-zag


A. Have dampness or water in them
B. Sometimes in summer they will act like dry faults
C. Rainy season they will act like water veins
D. In intermediate season they have the energy of rotting.
E. Black stream can be caused by fault because there is a whole micro organism life in the faults.
F. This fault is high Telluric energy-when it becomes wet it is Cosmic.
G. Wet faults effect you between the lungs and the throat (around the color bone)
H. You can have a fault and a water vein superimposed on each other. If you look for a fault and find it and look for water and find it ask if they are superimposed.

EXPERIMENT: Put a cup of fruit in the space and it will rot 2-3 times faster than in a normal space.

FIRE POINTS: It is necessary when clearing or balancing a house to find a fire point. This is where the solar net and curry net and cross. These are very noxious points but they can also be wonderful. If they have a fault under them this can create cancer. If solar and curry cross with a subterraneous river or fault and a river the point where they cross is a fire point.

STAR POINT: This is where the Hartman and Curry grids cross or intersect. This is also noxious but is a star point. If this point also has a fault under it this can create cancer.

HARTMAN NET: Electrical Information

SOLAR NET: Electrical and many other kinds of information. The Hartman net is produced by the vibration of the Solar Net as electricity enters it. At that point the vibration of the solar net creates harmonies, which create the Hartman.

NO Electricity – NO Hartman: Because the Nets are real they are connected to the underground. For the explanation you have to break down the details of the information. This is why it is impossible to say how noxious ones might be until you are on the site. If the Net is very loaded it will be very pathogenic, very quickly. With Solar Nets we have to take into account the shapes.

Sharon Sinclair – My Journey into Space Clearing, Dowsing & work with the Paranormal

I began participating in the rituals of Space Clearing at the age of five. Three near death experiences before the age of 17 connected me with the ability to communicate with ghosts and spirits to help them crossover. It heightened my ability to sense and feel energy in the environment.

I began my studies of Shamanic Practice under the guidance of my Cherokee Father and Celtic Mother & Grandmother.

Much of my studies have been rooted in Shamanic Buddhism. Many of the techniques I use were taught to me in the traditional (oral) way of being passed down by practice and observation through my Mother, Father, Grandmother and a host of wonderful teachers and mentors. I share these techniques and gifts with you in hopes of bringing you the clarity and the healing that you desire. In over 15 years of practicing as a professional, I have cleared hundreds of spaces, helped many businesses to prosper and many people to heal their homes and themselves mentally, spiritually and physically.

I am the founder of EnergyShifters and the author of the book, Shift The Energy – Change Your Life. I teach Space Clearing and Energy Healing throughout the US.

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